Chief Elder Osiris : Now That Black People No Longer Think For Ourselves How Can We Know What Is Best For

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    Now That Black People No Longer Think For Ourselves How Can We Know What Is Best For Us?

    By Chief Elder Osiris


    When it come to Black people, we have been made to become the most ignorant of self arrogant people in this evil world, If it is out and is told to be said without you having any creative Divine thoughts about what you are talking about, then go and find Black people, we love to talk about what somebody else said about anything and take it upon ourselves to memorize such that has been said by anybody other than ourselves and talk about it as if we are the author of such being talked about by us Black people.

    We love to suggest that when in search to verify what not you have said, but what somebody other than you have said, and you to suggest if you want to verify what others have said that you are talking about to be true, then you Black people suggest that we go and do the research to find out if what you are talking about, which is what somebody else other than you have said, is a true reflection of that you are talking about.

    You making claim that what you are talking about, verify what somebody other than you have said and such information is what Black people style our life around, and such is the way Black people determine our level of intelligence by determining through our profane mental action, just how much we believe in what we are talking about, claiming it to be true, a truth without the input of the Black Afrikan Divine Thinking Mind, and you expect Divine intelligent Black people to accept and to Divinely value what you have to say about other people stuff that has come not from your creative thoughts, but from the Mind of Lucifer himself, Black people oppressors in this evil world?

    Yes I make the claim and do with an active Divine Mind stating, Now That Black People No Longer Think For Ourselves How Can We Know What Is Best For Us?

    When you are Black and have no problem with your Blackness and when you are Black and a Divine Thinker, then you Think and make evaluation about all that have played a part in putting us in such a mental stupor, to the level we frown on any Black people who no longer is a Mental prisoner to the belief system of people who have created a paradigm of disrespecting and mental and physical abusing Black people.

    Yet there you are, those same Black people have the audacity to judge Divine Thinking Black people, using the paradigm been established by Lucifer himself and such Black Mental dependence on our oppressors mind Black people, expect Divine Thinking Black people to become timid mentally, in the presence of an oppressors Mind conditioning Black people, you who rely on everything that the oppressors have said verbally and written about God, the Universe, various social economic, religious, and political systems, done so for the purpose to captivate the Mind of the Masses and more in particular, Black people.

    When an attack is being made on the oppressors religious institutions, Black people scream foul and proceed to justify the reason for trying to protect the very institution that have Black people ignorant about all that we now talk about, using the oppressors information as our source of learning, and believing all that we make claim to have faith in believing, and hoping about, claiming the oppressors information to be factual information without having input coming from Black people mind use of creative thought of our own.

    Therefore, any people who abdicate their Mind ability to Think for self and relinquish such a Divine responsibility to people with an experienced history of Mentally and physically abusing Black People, is a people who is not capable of making decisions for themselves and is not deserving to be listen to, because they talk from a foundation of religious belief and not from the foundation of a Divine Mind, which require for you to Divinely Think if you desire to Divinely learn about that which the oppressors have taught you to believe about and call it scientific information, based upon flawed oppressors information, if not have been verified by your Divine Mind thoughts.

    Religion is the corner stone of the oppressors Evil, it is what hold up all social, economic and political systems now being used to control the mind of the masses of the world.

    Yet you Black people do not know that Religion was conceived for the main purpose of destroying the Mind of a once Divine Black so call Afrikan Being.

    Listen, When religion is being revealed for the evil it produce, it is not about the religious denominations, it is not about the category of religion that you subscribe to, it has nothing to do about your Mental status concerning the Divine Essence (God), it is about a method used to crucify the Mind of Black people, and I say Black people first, because it was Black people who first knew the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence, about both Universe, and about our Black so call Afrikan Selves and about the type of governing system we needed for ourselves.

    So no, revealing the evil that religion bring to the Mind of Black People does not denote that we are not in awareness of there being a Divine Essence (GOD), the more vicious Religion is attacked, verify just how much you do know that there is a Force without measure that is the cause of all that you look at on the physical and all that you see on the Mental level of action of your Divine Mind.

    So you see, it is religion that cause what you Black people now talk about to be of no service to your Black selves, because all that we now talk about is designed by forces with a record of having no respect for your Black behind, which prevent you from talking about your need to free Afrika and your Black behind.

    So what you Black people do, you argue with each other about something that you know nothing about, because you have not had input coming form your Divine Mind Thinking, a Mind that will qualify you to know what you now talk about.

    Yet here you are, using Lucifer information to make claim that the more you hold to memory of that which Lucifer has established to make claim is True, the more you Black people go running around beating your Human Being Mind chest, believing you, when talking, is sounding oh so intelligent, yet what you are talking about you know nothing about, because you have been made to just believe about that you talk about today.

    Let me get back to religion, the cornerstone of evil used against Black people, religion carry a doctrine that is conning and forked with a doubly tongue of lies and profane truth, it tell you that the entire world and the fullness thereof belong to God, yet it tell you that the poor you will have in the world always, tou tell me you can not see the conning and deception in such a Religious claim, yet religion tell you that it is better to suffer in this life which will prepare you for the next everlasting life, and you tell me that such lies should be left to serve as a magnet to draw the weak of mind into the devil pit of religion? and you make claim by doing so, that you do no harm to the Black self?

    This religious fight is not about a theology, it is about a living organism of an institution call religion, used to destroy the Mind of the Black World as well as all whose Mind is weak in the world in general.

    So no, to leave religion to continue to run free seeking whomever it may mentally destroy, does in fact prevent Black people and people who are victims of religion in general, from knowing the evil that reside in the various systems of governing in the world, and the greatest and most evil system that is affecting the lives of Black people and people in general, happen to be Lucifer Religious system.

    The Evil of Religion is not in how you describe God, it is in how you disrespect that which you referr to as God, the Divine Essence of all things, which religion has come and now has confused your mind about all things that Black people was once in the knowledge of, concerning all that bring knowledge of self to a Divine Mind that is in action guiding the Body life.

    So you see, when you are unable to see the evil that religion bring to the Mind of Black people, then how can you make claim to know about all that you talk about today, because it is religion that is responsible for the present state of Afrika and for Black people rejoicing in our Tribal Divisive state of mind, as we represent a Nation gone mad and ignorant about the power of Unity, a relationship among Black people that is imperative if the Black World is to survive in these most religious evil Time, today.

    You Can Take It Or Leave It Alone, The Divine Truth Remain As Is.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Beloved to those who are ready to know thyself, then follow the link below, and yes purchase my book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, not for me alone, but more so for your self, beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    All I can say is keep beaming this out.