Chief Elder Osiris : Now That America Has Invaded Afrika.

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Jan 3, 2002
Now That America Has Invaded Afrika, It Become In America Vital Security Interest To Assassinate Qaddafi.

By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More where This Come from.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

A coward and a liar and deceiver will throw a rock and hide the hand that did the damage, just as America is misleading you to believe that they are so concerned about the sanity of Life, when all of the lives they have killed, misused, and abused, and chalked it up to be just collateral Damage and have yet to pay for the damage they caused to the lives of our Enslaved Ancestors.

It is my position after Divine Meditation, it is revealed to me that America has never had a Black Afrikan President, and also, I have revisited the saying about the one drop of black blood make you to be black, and my conclusion is that is not so.

It is revealed to me that it is not easy to be Black and our blackness far extend beyond the pigment, it is a Pigment that compliment a quality and state of Mind.

So, never has our blackness is to be taken to be so insignificant to the point that any irregular act can constitute you to be Black.

Not so beloved, it is of divine insertion that this blackness come to you and not anybody and everybody who enter into interaction with black people can make justly the claim of being Black, because a fractional degree of blackness does not verify your blackness, blackness is as freedom is, it is absolute, there is no little or medium or almost black, Black is Black and you carry the verification of your quality of Blackness by the quality of your Mind, because Mind trump Pigmentation.

Your Blackness is genetically designed, so any action of assimilation of your Blackness with that which is not Genetically compatible, interfere with the design, and all that is left to substantiate the quality of your Blackness, which serve as your verification of your genetic base to be Black, is your Divine Mind.

Because mind is an action of the product of your pigmentation, it being your genetic appearance that reveal what and who you are, and is what cause your Blackness to be verified, which depend upon your Mental ability, which determine how you function in life.

So based upon those set of genetic pigment circumstance, President Obama is not a Black Afrikan President, and in Afrika, there too, is a lacking of Black Afrikan leaders of high government officials.

We have come to lose respect for the Divinity of Blackness and we have come to identify our Blackness by the way Lucifer has defined it to be, which I reject completely, as I have shared, it is not easy to be Black, and Blackness require qualification that exceed the pigment alone.

Therefore Obama do what he is told to do and those who tell Obama what to do has no reverence for Afrika, nor for your Black state of Mind.

Now, what has happen in regard to Afrika Libya is that America can not afford to allow Qaddafi to go free, an act of war is going on against Qaddafi, under the pretense of so call Humanitarian causes, what ever that mean.

When the decision was made to go after Qaddafi, those making the decision knew that there can be no stopping until Qaddafi is gone.

What Man in Afrika who identified Mentally, more with Black Afrika more so than with the occupants of Northern Afrika, and was brave enough to call for a united states Of Afrika and told the truth about under whose jurisdiction Libya is under, which is the people of Sub-Sahara Afrika, dominated by Black Afrikans, pigment unwise, but not Mind wise.

so America Obama lie when he says that he has no interest in seeing regime change in Libya, it would be against america interest and Americans safety to allow now for Qaddafi to go free.

Only Black Afrikans have the potential of saving Qaddafi, but you see, there are not many Black Afrikans Mind wise, in Afrika today.

A Divine Black Afrikan Would not have allowed invaders to make decision about whether there should be a No fly zone over Afrika or not, or decisions about anything in Afrika.

A Black Afrikan over a hundred years ago, declared that Afrika is a continent that belong to the Black Afrikans, a Blackness that is verified by the Mind quality of that Afrikan being label Black, he being The Honorable Marcus Garvey, and not just by the pigment appearance alone.

So I have never considered that America elected a Black Person as President, because the genetic and Mental facts refuted such a claim.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder


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