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Mister Aten

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Nov 8, 2017
Brother, get a small piece of metal, preferably Iron at first, Copper, Steel, or Brass, at the dimensions: 1/2 inch in width, height, and length, next get a Ball and Peen Hammer, find a spot where you can hammer it over a period of four hours/240 minutes, you can hammer it for 20 minutes for example, take time off, you have over 220 minutes left. TAKE YOUR TIME, write down the time of start and the time of stop until you get to 240 minutes/4 hrs.The results will be ‘God’s favor’ indeed.

Works only for Africans.

No apologies.


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Jun 14, 2018
What is time to soul?
What is 4 hours to spirit?
Is spirit measured in 4 hour increments?
Yes, be sure to punch that time clock else soul will escape you.

Hmmm, more questions.
How is it that hammering on a piece of metal for four hours would be any different than say beating a drum? Or creating a drum? The making of a clay pot? Weaving a basket?
Is the soul in metal really any different than anything else that is borne to us from whence it all comes? The beasts in forest. The trees that surround us. The grasses under foot. The breeze in our face. The waters we slake our thirst with. The waters that caress our food stores until we need them. The savory root dug from the soil earlier in the day?
Is metal is so fundamentally different that punching some time clock is going to connect oneself to a place that knows no such thing as time?

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