Chief Elder Osiris : Nothingness Is A Luciferian Concept, Given To Have Himself To Be The Creator Of Relig

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    Nothingness Is A Luciferian Concept, Given To Have Himself To Be The Creator Of Religion.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    To many of you, this knowledge I share may mean to be absolutely ineffective to you, but it is everything about you, and is of what you need, in order to know that which is Divinely True, as oppose to that which is profanely a lie, and it is the lie that have you to believe that there is such an inaction as nothingness.

    Never has there been in the infinite of Space, a Time of inaction, because where there is inaction there is nothing, and something can not be gotten from nothing, and something is the representative of action, verifying an everlasting eternal infinite action that cause all things To Be, that is Seen and Not Seen, but is verified to be Something that Be, in eternal everlasting motion, such being the verification of something, negating the lie about there being a Time of nothingness.

    You can not begin to know the Divine truth as long as you operate with a Mind that have you with limitation.

    The Divine Mind is infinite and it operate on a Dimensional level where there is no Time for Nothing, the fact that Motion of Time is always present, is the fact that something is always in action, and it is action that is the verification that something is present.

    The action of creation is on a lower dimension of physical involvement, and to indicate that the Universe as we have been told of how it came to be, is a creation by God, is to minimize the intelligence of the Divine Existence of God, It Is the Divine Essence Energy Intelligence.

    Therefore, to use a profane mind to ignore the everlasting existence of the Infinite Energy intelligence, and to submit to Lucifer claim about nothing, which is a product of the profanity of mind, giving to you a God which is of some low level of a Human Being with fault and vengeance, giving out command.

    So, as you wax old in such a belief about a God that is created by Lucifer, such be the reason why Black people remains in the state of a profane Mind that we do, believing that something come from nothing.

    Lucifer create, but it is the Divine Essence that indicate, and all indication is that all that you look at and can not see, is an indication of it always been that way, so the Divine Essence has no point of origin, it is the origin of all point of action.

    Only creation has a point of origin, making claim to have come out from nothing and only a Luciferian believer will give credence to such a limited believing mind that attempt to convince there being a inaction without Time, and Time is motion, and motion is the verification of action, and action is the indication of there is something without the limitation of nothing.

    Black people regardless of what you refer to yourself to be, you will never become what you need to be again, as long as you remain a believer in nothingness, it limit the Mind and in order to know what it is Black people need to do in order to become something of a Divine Body again, which is for you to know that something is what the Black Afrikan must learn to relate to again, which is more than nothing, which Lucifer has succeeded in having Black people to believe that our value of worth, is Nothing.

    You labor all through life being told that you should strive to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from being somebody with honor and respect, when in fact, to over come is not to become, and it is what BLACK PEOPLE MUST BECOME, THAT WILL PRESERVE THE LIFE OF BLACK SO CALL SO CALL AFRIKAN PEOLE.

    Become, trump overcoming, because to become is being who you originally is To Be, and Black people originality is Freedom, Independence, Justice, and a sovereign of life, a life that is not in need to overcome anything that is something.

    Yet, you involve yourself in everything that is claimed to be about nothing, causing Black people to be an inactive people involved in trying to make nothing to become something, claiming something to have been created out of nothing, what A pitiful and sad Black people we have been made to believe, and with a want to overcome nothing, as you avoid becoming something of Divine value without limitation, when operating in your Divine mind.

    Nothing is likening to fools Gold, it is a fool mind that make claim that nothing come from something.

    The Universe is in perpetual action and re-enactment, never to have ever been in a state of inactive nothing.

    Therefore, it is impossible to create action, and action is something, and something is Eternally Everlasting infinite, such being the Divine Essence to all things that are something and never to be, nothing.

    Therefore, not until Black people get to know this Divine truth, you will continue to be a mental slave to Lucifer the Human Being, teaching you that Lucifer the God of religion, is the creator of the Universe, as Lucifer being the God of all he has created and have you to believe that the Universe is a creation from nothing, to have come to be something.

    Such is the believer who do not know of something not being of nothing, such being a fool mind, but it is being of the knowledge of nature everlasting eternal infinite reality, which verify, that something is always in action of becoming that which is without limitation, which is the Universe Divine Essence, It being without a need to be created, since it is the all that is something, which has no relationship to nothing.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

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