Black Poetry : Nothing But The Truth (since it's sunday I'm dropping this)


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Apr 1, 2001
Nothing But The Truth

In verse the earth was birth in sin illegal evil ease the thirst of men
like smoke the word being dispersed by the wind
Live it in the mind this vivid sign pivot while online cursed in the blend
Burst through the doorway of hell my friend
Fact and reason could lead to a black season of thought, caught up in trend
Unnecessary sin fought like soldiers to no end
Keep the Right mind tower never fight divine power tonight shower in truth
Righteous flower bloom is beauty’s proof
Seeing the beast while the word is being release fleeing this feast under the roof
Like Thunder in a phone booth sinner wonder who let the truth a loose
the light was prepared Tonight aired on HBO sin ain’t and can’t be a hero
again the wages of it equal zero as hell is located below
Grew brighter and knew as a writer would become a fighter against Satan
For hating and creating problems elevating to solve em, no since hesitating
The fight is athletic like a Decathlon, behavior pathetic like the Babylon fall
The mystery of god, history of the rod leaves blistery odds all in all
Word escape evil to prevail in great detail like the chapter of the MADDRAPPER
Tapper on the heads of sinners misled there are no winners became a captor
Like the Book of Revelation look observe the creation of tainted scripture
You fainted when the word hit ya
Which painted a picture of trials and tribulation the wild estimation grit ya
Teeth it’s true and brief try chew the beef of purity
Destroy the thief need Christ as security



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