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    I don’t think Fox news knows the difference between patriotism and warmongering. Fox is a fox they try to hide their aims of being a power orientated advocacy by the smoke screen of being religiously orientated with the culture of the south=fishing, drag racing cars and playing cowboy music. The culture sedates poor whites just like poor blacks.

    The Church did this 3 pong attack with black slavery. The justification of slavery was due to the homosexual eye of Ham starring at Noah being butt naked and these Africans were pagans and were sub human who needed white culture. The religious and culture smoke screen their aims of being a power orientated people. America isn’t Christian or democratic, if it was there would be equality, justice. They use Hollywood/culture to hide the injustice, sedate peoples minds to the point were arts and entertainment supersede math and science. The ancient philosophers thought the body and soul foundation was geometry and music were all interconnected. We must build a bridge with arts and entertainment with science and math. We can write poems translated science and math formulas.

    I just read the Norton’s anthology of African-American Lit, compiling hundreds of books, letters, poems of Blacks. Not hardly any of them were Afrocentric. One small article on Marcus Garvey. I got the impression blacks were brought over as slaves by half-good white folks making us Christian then being freed by Christian abolitionists. During the meantime of Slavery to freedom we were playing the role of:

    1Sambo childlike & musical

    2Mammy working for white folks and not taking care of her own kids

    3Uncle Tom political eunuch, apologize for white bad behavior and want to be white rather than self..

    I got the impression that a black could make it in America if he didn’t oppose, criticize, or tell the truth about black contributions to civilization. Also the superstars of sports, novel writing, comedy, paintings, acting, dancing and singing could become millionaires entertaining black and whites. Nothing wrong with these occupations its just not an employment avenue for the black masses. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t for the black masses. He felt only those that served in the military or who could read and write should vote. That wasn’t democracy. The Democratic party needs the black masses to vote for them and they use their plight so that upper middle class blacks and Elites can get jobs. White unions freeze blacks out of roofing, plumbing, electrical, construction, auto mechanic, painting a house, drywall jobs.

    Look at the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920’s was a smoke screen in which black art and artists were used by elitist blacks and their white manipulators to divert the black masses from their growing efforts to become self-reliant. For example: let us take football to a new level. Snoop Dogg can transform teenage football in California to an awesome level. Now lets take the skill and take ownership away from at least 3 football teams in the NFL from those white republicans. Lets own something. Economic might is freedom.
    Everybody wants to be on American Idol and Dancing with the stars. Nothing wrong with showing our human sprit on display from consumption.

    Its not about a rap its about a map
    Isn’t about the Man, its about a plan

    If you out there singing and dancing and have no knowledge of self then you’re just like a lion in the circus riding a bike in a circle. Your doing things out of your nature. Acting white is a misnomer, Acting white is using predominant white slang words and mannerism not being smart in school. Black people have a lot to be proud of inventions like:

    A. Religion Judaism & Christianity
    B. Geometry
    C. Writing
    D. Home construction
    C Arrived on the shores before Columbus
    D. Won the Civil War for Lincoln

    And much much more

    White aren’t superior and Blacks ain’t inferior. We all have variations of all types. If white were superior they would all be genius but they are not. They have low IQ’s and genetic defects just like the rest of us on the planet. It was Hitler who said the worst sin ever, stepping over murder and rape, was blacks and whites having sex. Yes this man was the devil. Sex is love and he was for hate. There was nothing wrong with me wanting to be King Kong to a white girl and Pharaoh to my African queen. Its like a double-conscious schizophrenic sex fiend. What about Tarzan jumping the fence for a Nubian queen. I’m cool as long as I’m not digging on her.

    If the nation was Christian and democratic 50 million people wouldn’t be without healthcare. Martin Luther King dream is not realized in one black family making it to the white house. Its about the people, the Masses that suffer. And now we have the racist out there demanding a birth certificate. Don’t you think the FBI vetted him way before we voted for him. Now we are not going to argue the 14Amendent dealing with black citizenship all over again.

    I’m not discouraged by the Character assassination of the white racists. They follow King David and Paul who were cold blooded murders. I obey the law and teach truth while they invent lies to maintain their power orientated status. They are not spiritually orientated they are power orientated.

    Happy new year everyone.
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    Brother AACOOLDRE ... we hardly ever talk, yet i feel so close to you ... :love:

    Happy New Year Sweetie !!! :toast1:

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    Much Much Love and Peace.