Black Poetry : "note To All"


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Nov 27, 2002
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As it was so abruptly put to me by LP that I was posting too many poems each day.
Then I would like to say sorry I did not really think about it, it was just nice to have a place to post where you don’t have a limit, but I will back off awhile and not post so that everyone else can have time to read as LP put it…. I will post from time to time. Yes I was offended, because I think it could have been said more graciously. I never had any attentions of overbearing anyone or to try to give anyone the impression that I was better, I was just a poet expressing myself and enjoying the expression of others, whether I read 6 poems or 12 of the same person I enjoyed them all and appreciated there talent and insight. Everyone be blessed and take care I might check back some time later in the future.


Jan 22, 2001
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A Queen Passing ... I have been away from the forum for about a week. I haven't read what "LP" said to you, by the way, who is "LP?" I will get caught up and come back and post to this thread.

Regardless of what I find, there is no reason for you to leave us and I'm sure whoever "LP" is, they meant no harm. We're glad you've joined us and would never intentionally hurt you or anyone.

Anywho ... let me take a look around and I'll be back ... don't go far.



Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Okay ... I see who "LP" is ... LonelyPoet ... Okay ... I'm with yall now ...

A Queen Passing ... I was correct in that I knew LonelyPoet meant no harm. Actually, what he shared with you is what the Moderators or myself should have said. Thank you LonelyPoet. I've been kinda krazee the past week and actually saw a time or two where you had about 10 poems on the "first page" of the poety forum. I was going to say something then, but instead made a mental note to do so later.

A Queen Passing ... you're correct Sis, there are no limits to the number of peaces that a poet can post. It's just that there only 40 peaces listed on the "first page" of the poetry forum and if one poet has 10+ of those ... it leaves very little for all the other poets. Every poet likes to see at least one of their peaces remain on the first page as long as possible. The exception to this, filling up the "first page" with your work, is if you are the "Poet of the Week."

A Queen Passing ... this is not your fault Sis. There is not a rule posted that you could have read or learned of this. It's sorta kinda like an understood, unofficial house rule. How can a person know unless someone tells them? LonelyPoet was only sharing with you and meant no harm. I'm certain of that.

This allows me to create an "Unofficial House Rules" thread that will be posted at the top of the Poetry Forum. Every Member can post their own "personally suggested house rules" and everyone can give these suggestions whatever consideration they'd like. It's certainly possible that some of these unofficial rules can actually make it to the "Official Forum Rules" list.

A Queen Passing, we really are glad you feel comfortable enough to share and read with us and we hope you'll continue.




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Sep 10, 2001
Kansas City, Missouri
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See here we go again!

You know I hope you read this and don't delete...if you are reading it take it for what it is worth.
You are never free, if you don't allow yourself to be.
People will always have a comment, criticism, or observation...
About what you do and how you do it!
The beauty of life you get to decide how you do it...
And tell the world well...
SCREW IT!:maddd:
COME BACK! You are as free as you allow your self to be.
Please remember that...and if you need to flow that way
then flow how you know!
Creativity lives because we make our own boundaries.
Was it someone who had tremendous power that
created in you doubt? Was it the Queen who reigneth
or moderator who told you too much?
I have sat in the seat of the scornful and I said
too much too!
Too much ...of one thing and not enough of another!
It's not a's a F-O-R-U-M!
God bless free speech and freedom of the press.
Other wise we would all just be nodding our heads
in agreement.
Now wouldn't that be a boring mess?
Blessings on Ya House!:rolleyes:

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