Black Poetry : Not rims on his car wear tims at the bar while I thirst for converse shoes, love // Them, stable on

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    Not rims on his car wear tims at the bar while I thirst for converse shoes, love //
    Them, stable on my feet able to be sweet he wanna grab my soul just have and
    To hold his vocab cold enough to mess up a girl body in bloom he’s gonna plan
    For a party soon got some barcardee in the room able to perform and stable
    The hormone storm at home no Harm can come the hand that rocks the cradle
    My breast attractive but less active from a milky standpoint boys plan to anoint
    Them by sucking but I try ducking all that its time to fall back and think my joint
    On my finger hurt as a singer girls flirt and swingers twerk, he see my skirt and
    Like a bee I flirt from flower to flower with the power of honey, got a work plan
    This could be a terrific circus with a specific purpose made in advance to get
    Laid in romance but I’m afraid to take a chance cake can enhance an affair wet
    So trust me I must see through this because one true kiss can lift my dress let
    My emotions fly now he has a notion to try and get some right here in the this
    Store and kiss galore, now this boy walks up to see and talk to me try twist
    My mind right here in the store

    HE SAID:

    Look boo I’m shook over you the way you strut butt is off the scale plus
    You a soft female HIP HOP culture extreme structure of a sex machine
    Like that JAMES BROWN song a dame renown and strong with cream
    This store stands on a floor plan and I adore your hands you the main
    Attraction a dame in action and your game bring satisfaction you tame
    My desires you came with the fires of love, your body is an expressed
    Wish breast twist my mind and you dress brisk sometime a real test
    Of fashion, try rap tight because of my sexual appetite, wearing bling
    And both our wings can flap tonight lets map a flight do the right thing
    And jest fly to my bedroom, sex is the greeting for the next meeting while
    In my Lex heating up the road, let check the oil a wreck could spoil my style
    Came to do work saw you in a blue skirt burden and trouble, my heart hurting
    Double a girl flirting my mind in rubble her cream perk like teamwork alerting
    A stage coach and twerking on the approach, I’m saving my hugs for a girl that’s
    Craving for love, desire is a strong feeling I be home healing from heartbreaks that
    Partake of my soul, boo I have a deep wish to get a sweet kiss to complete this
    Mission I’m having street visions and obsolete collisions when I reminisce
    From dusk to dawn I teach seem like your body beyond reach got a Swiss
    Watch on my arm, use my vision in seeking my mission is keeping your brisk
    in a dimension and win your attention not to mention getting a date can’t
    rate you love talk but you want cake a hug I’m caught in the middle of a faint
    memory, fate in my hand cake is my plan so don’t skip out be true
    I’m hooked and prevail you a shook female and you look pale you
    need a kiss girl, my love talk not out of date they all about cake boo
    like ALYSA KEYES girl your body on fire, so loud I spoke from a cloud
    of smoke so proud in hopes we can get together the wet weather has plowed
    grounds and the crowds gather around in this store to buy stuff like salt
    and pepper you probably wanna shoop, in the mood for bling on a stalk
    with a multitude of things I’ve thought about not a lame jerk and I love
    your framework on picture you a fine image wanna get on your line of scrimmage
    and put the ball in play we can make love all day put our kisses and hugs on display
    you a true chick and a kiss should do the trick, the perfume in America make you
    assume the character of princess and it’s senseless to try fight it wanna be invited
    to your body party girl, I crave for jazz and behave as a playboy kinda excited
    and have to write it,you a true cutie and I must do my duty your booty ignited
    my emotions


    I’m living romances under given circumstances with chances of jumping into
    Bed ideas dumping in my head by your love talk no humping on my menu
    Doe, decision on my mind collisions with time may leave you late for cake
    Aggression is factor like the professions of an actor you need a tractor to plow
    These grounds lots of bees around think they found my honey cone somehow
    All the buzzing stalks along with puzzling love talk can’t jest walk anywhere
    Far as honey plenty there so girl have to beware or she could share
    A bed but his is not a bad thing if he have on mad bling and a ring
    For her very finger or end up on this JERRY SPRINGER thing
    I realize by your action you want pies for satisfaction your flows
    Soft but I’m not taking my clothes off those type episodes grows
    Stay smart and play my part today a dark spark into my emotions
    And pledge put lotions on my legs my brains trapped in oceans
    Of love talk, sex is a wise exercise of dramatic art and static
    Is just a part I’ve had it with darts being thrown its automatic
    Your boat sinking fast the time for thinking has past so take off
    The stinking mask and come real dumb to deal in the dark be false
    For sex you thirst a lot but that could be the worse flop not gonna
    Be the first to drop my panties but when boys are rapping stuff wanna
    Happen, you rap clever and think you can flap my feather that crap
    Will never get me in bed, I’m wonder girl from the underworld perhaps
    You wanna twirl my hot ice cream I’m nice queen try duck them traps
    Boys set for girls, you wanna me to hop in your car to a clever beat
    And spread my legs on the leather seats and forever eat some sweet
    Don’t suffer any shock far as love plenty in stock and many boys be
    Shock at how much, they want cake and lace to take place annoys me
    I write and stuff but had quite enough went to FARM FRESH used
    The arm rest in my car realized boys want bagel and stew be amused
    Because they’re able to pursue and use love talk I guess I stand accused
    Of being a cutie and boys seeing booty got me a little on edge because
    I made a strong pledge not to give it up but my hormones live corrupt flaws
    In that doe a different plateau want an affair true and prepare to do whatever
    It take but must be clever with my cake never give a fake my time, endeavors
    Are hard to face, thrilling and surprise that you’re willing to compromise
    Just to be chilling between my thighs while the cream flies
    In your tries to get some, my dress fit tight
    And nice have a quiet life need sex diet advice tonight
    Wear a min-skirt grooving through the market and become a moving
    Target and its soothing to spark it with booty, like for boys that be cruising
    In drop tops they have to stop a lot they wanna knock my
    Boots because I’m hot and cute so I’m flirting my luck
    To get a certain results and boys come with lying words their
    Like flying birds trying to nest on my breasts I have to beware
    They come with a bizarre pace and like a car race they everywhere
    There be spinning tires, your mission is like a musician spread sound
    And make beds pound just thinking makes my head go around
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    keep it up brotha i'm watching you! lol got in the studio finally working the engineering down today to a science and working with a couple artist including yourself. my production style is soul, jazz, funk influence with a little bit of southern bounce for the hype but all together spiritual music definitely. nothing about dope, killing people, sexual escapades and all that stuff just straight up moving chess pieces in realtime like a diplomat on the mic. I'm getting on the mic too feeling more and more like myself again. Imma tell you now i'm working with 80-100 beats minute on the first street album releasing it on my side of SC where it will go go so i would like to get you in there. I'm working with protools hd9 and the electronic drumset later on the week. you can make a beat but engineering is everything fore real. totally change me today from the ole school method with hardware. i gotta get my female cousins from country to sing hooks on it too so i definitely want to and need to hook up with you even if it is just two track. gotta go back to work and put those words on amazon brotha. be back later this week on this site for my book writing. one.
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