Black Poetry : Not Impressed

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    (For those fakers out there)

    Let you tell it, you’re the ****!!!
    And you loosely apply the term, hater,
    To anyone who says different.
    You’ve made claim after claim, after claim.
    So I took time to check out your game.
    And now that your style
    stands before me undressed,
    I must honestly confess,
    I’m not impressed.

    You don’t even have an aura
    People notice when you step into a room.
    And with your tired lines,
    The only thing on everyone’s mind
    Is how much time you’re going to consume
    With your dead, un-poetical diatribes
    Of unmitigated egocentricity,
    As you display unstable linguistics and mental simplicity
    For booty calls, polite applause, and publicity.
    I’m amazed that you get props continuously
    For ridiculously speaking duplicitously,
    Pretending to be something you wish you could be.
    In fact, you’re simply a wannabe
    On some imitation nonsense.
    And only after a real poet
    releases a piece with depth
    Does any substance grace your contents.
    And even more amazing
    Is the fact that those who
    Have no clue
    of what poetry is claim, too,
    that you’re blazing.
    You don’t even read the works
    of published poets by day
    Or for that matter pray
    That you honor those before you
    With the things you have to say.
    And yet, night after night,
    You politic with your clique
    To be granted favors at open mics
    Where you play around,
    Acting as though you have something real to express.
    But not even you have any faith
    In the words that you stress.
    So you can imagine why I’m not impressed.

    And to me, the part that is truly the saddest
    Is that you let others mislead you
    Into thinking that you are the baddest
    When the cold, hard truth is
    That your pseudo-scribes are poetically useless.
    There’s no originality in your tactics,
    You don’t care about what honing your craft is,
    And if not for your ulterior motives,
    I doubt that you’d even practice.
    So now, I must ask this:
    When you pick up a mic,
    what exactly are your intentions?
    Is it to gain popularity or attention?
    Can't you offer any effort
    besides empty rhetoric and pimping?
    If not, then tell me why
    You are even attempting to make this false impression?
    Better yet, let me make this simple suggestion,
    Because this is something I shouldn’t have to question.
    Whoever blew your head out of proportion
    By impregnating it with ego
    Needs to help out with the abortion.
    The poetry scene is twisted enough
    Without phonies like you
    Adding asinine language contortions.
    So before you even think of sporting
    The label of “poet” earned only by self-proclamation,
    Give this thought some consideration
    Before you continue faking:
    I’m not impressed.

    You see, attempts by unoriginal people who front
    Will only end up as failures,
    Because the only thing that they truly master
    Is cling close to artists’ genitalia,
    And while we all love good fellatio,
    It won’t give you a place among
    The poetry community’s respected ratio.
    I know plenty of poets, besides myself,
    That could easily clean your clock.
    You spend way too much time
    Patterning your words by Jay-Z, Biggie, and Pac
    With a mindset so polluted
    That you’re self-deluded
    Into thinking that makes you hot.
    You can take these words personally.
    Call me a hater, spread your rumors.
    I’m perpetually sick of pretenders
    Peddling garbage to consumers.
    So consider this a warning
    Going out to garbage peddling demagogues.
    From now on,
    I’m lyrically flipping money changing tables of fakers
    Like Jesus in desecrated temples and synagogues.
    And the next time I see you
    on the mic dropping foolishness,
    You better get sharp
    with your poetic and linguistic procedures,
    Because if not, not only
    Will I show why I’m not impressed,
    But why no other audience should be, either!

    Copyright 2006, Nyne Elementz
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    deep words of diss .......peace be still.......
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    Peace NyneElementz,

    Yo I feel you on that, for the fake *** poets our there... write your own ish,