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    Hello everyone,

    I am a "foreigner" to this board, as I am a Chicano (Mexican).

    I arrived here because I was curious about what other conscious people are doing.

    (read more about our Movement at
    MEXICA MOVEMENT: Indigenous Liberation for Anahuac

    & )


    News, email and search are just the beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel.

    While scanning this board, I noticed the use of the popular labels "Hispanic" and "Latino" to describe out people (Mexican, Central American, and Soutwest Natives), which need correction.

    Please know that these are labels created by White people. When you use them on us, you are commitiing the act of "Whitewashing" our identities that White America has so long desired to finish.

    20 years ago, there was this thing called "the Chicano Movement". Maybe you heard of it. It's when Mexicans galvanized together to reclaim our Native heritage (with a non-Anglo view of ourselves), and our claim to our ancestral lands, which we never left (North America).

    There was no "Latino Movement".
    There was never a "Hispanic Movement" because those are European-derived identities, and Hispanic and Latinos (white people still residing in Latin America) have been oppressing us for 512 years).

    Chicano is a name we gave to ourselves,
    based on the Indigenous name of Mexica (the Aztec name for themselves).

    Please recognize that we are no more Hispanics for speaking Spanish and having some Spanish blood (the few drops we have)
    than you are British for speaking English, having English surnames and a few drops of White slavemaster blood raped into your family tree.

    We had the raped-blood experience as well in Mexico and th Southwest, and NO people should be defined by acts of rape.
    (Certainly the Jews aren't confused by their idneity just because of the German rape of their people during the '40's.)

    Mexica (Meh-shee-kah) is our original identity name. We are in the process of our next phase of reclaiming our peoples hearts and minds, and our ancestral lands.

    Many people mistakenly believe that the United States has an ancient border, when it really only existed for 150 years.

    And that so-called "Native Americans" have nothing to do with Mexicans (one came from the other, and pre-European migrations were common).

    "Native Americans" didn't exist until White people lumped us all together under this Italian-derived name (Amerigo Vespucci).

    Those of us who are conscious know that we never immigrated across an ocean, we were never refuggess to Europe, and we are by and large very cognizant of the fact that our ancestors are "The Indians" (in varying degress of acceptance, usually corrsponding to the socioeconomic ambitions of the person, which requires assimiliation into a Euro-centric view of all humans).

    Anyhow, I wish you the best in reclaiming your Indigenous identity and please! stop using "Latino" and "Hispanic" media-created labels on our people!

    Please view my web site for more information.

    P.S. Does anyone here think "Black History Month" is a farce?
    I do...after all, it dwells on the 1% of your history that began with slavery.
    It says, "Your history began with the slave ship. Nothing more"
    Only rarely do I see someone who recognizes that Black History is 99% non-White-centric at all.

    Meanwhile, white people claim ancient Greeks and Romans even though they may have NO ancestry to them whatsoever.

    Tlazocamati (thank you in the Nahuatl language)
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    Xiuhcoatl...Welcome to our Forums and thank you for posting that powerful and enlightening message! :wave:

    It's good to see that your people too are getting organized around this battle against oppression in order to reclaim your rightful land and identity.

    I am very familiar with the Chicano movement as I have worked for years with conscious Mexicans. I also agree with your assessment of the term "Hispanic" which by definition of the U.S. Census Bureau includes all individuals from spanish-speaking cultures and lumps you together. Who you are as a people and what you represent is ignored and not taken into consideration by this name, which essentially renders you invisible.

    But you have taught me something new today. I was under the impression that the term "Chicano" only referred to individuals from Mexico and did not reflect all people from the geographical locations you have named. Are you actively pursuing a movement to have the U.S. Census Bureau, Data Collection/Reporting Division change the category heading from "Hispanic/Latino" to "Chicano"?

    Your observations about "Black History Month" are valid. The focus is primarily confined to the time that we first stepped foot on these shores as slaves and never about who we were before we arrived here. It's a sad and depressing story that keeps you functioning in a slave mindset instead of making us angry enough to rebel against the very same poison that keeps us under the oppressors boot. We stay so focused on the strength and courage of our ancestors that we never stop to study the weaknesses and fears in ourselves.

    Perhaps the more appropriate name for the 31 days that were so generously given to us would be "American Slave History Month".

    Thank you for sharing this information and your thoughts with us Xiuhcoatl. I hope we can continue this type of dialogue in the future!

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    I don't think that anyone on these boards meant any disrespect; I have to admit that I only know a few Puerto Ricans and one Panamanian (who is kinfolk) and like you they too, tell me not to lump them in the "Hispanic" category... but it has become the label; as I hear "Hispanic" leaders of your communities use it.

    I agree about Black History month; but I feel this... I don't mind the history starting from us stepping foot on this land... as I feel this is where my history begins.... but it is not inclusive and does not tell of all that Black Americans have done for this country and given to it... it does not for instance ever speak of it's number one export world-wide = Blackness...
    I feel the same about MLK's holiday. Yes, he was the voice of the movement, and the cornerstone by which America stands as a beacon of "democracy"... but before him there were many who stood up, who died and who sacrificed... I think that it should have been a Civil Rights Holiday with him as the Feature.

    Yes it is a farce... but I don't care... I am more interested in us benefitting and reaping the seeds sown by our foremothers and forefathers....

    What do you think of "Hispanic History Month"? I don't know much about it, how about Cinco De Mayo? (I hope I spelled it right).

    Welcome to the boards.

    I will like to announce I am not a Person of Color-- I am Black American.
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    knowledge makes me smile

    Thanks Xiuhcoatl for your enlightened post! I feel the passion in your words and will make a conscious effort not to use the terms you described. I took a class called Politics of Race and Ethnicity in college (the best class ever) and learned that Mexicans became foreigners in their own land almost overnight. I didn't know that until college and found that incredulous. The media and government portrays this hugh conflict with Mexican "immigration" without sharing the fact that your people have been here for centuries. I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to post here because I believe people of color should have open discussions. Keep dropping knowledge and hold your head high.
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    Hey, I appreciate the lesson. I have heard the term "chicano" before, and for some reason I was under the impression that it was a derrogatory term. Now I know different!! I will be looking up more information on the Chicano Movement. Thanks again!!

    Also, I understand your perspective on Black History Month, I think others do to, which is why Kwanzaa was organized...