Black Poetry : Not having good luck yet and I’m upset my true force Is on due course to crash rhyme a lot HIP HOP m

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    Not having good luck yet and I’m upset my true force
    Is on due course to crash with rhyme as HIP HOP my source
    Not a whack retard but in my backyard melons come from
    Vines it’s a felon to write a dumb rhyme this is all thumbs
    Up, alert to MC’S see dirt on leaves while my shirt sleeve
    Is too long that how we do at home fruit trees under seize
    By insects must spray them away, I make a wish for cake
    And a kiss go to the restaurant get steak and fish almost break
    The dish eating a fat trout and that’s what stats be about
    A kiss I prefer because they exist and occur word out
    My brain in fragmentation use my plain imagination against
    Reality, and go to and fro in fame the game don’t make sense
    Deft and bold but left in the cold hit in the breadbasket
    Now have a pot belly and a hot celly my head fantastic
    In HIPHOP, have what it take but wait am I tight enough
    But is it the right stuff? Background never been rough
    Like that of a whack clown but ready to put the smack down
    Like DRE and SNOOP in that “nothing but a G thing” sound
    Track I’m bound to attack whack rapper that lack chapters
    About realness, have a swell ride and well qualified as a craftier
    rapper in a drop top sitting on dubs gitting to clubs rapping to chicks
    And stuff be happening quick so I got seat belts but must click
    Or get a ticket, being simple I lingered now nimble fingered on
    the piano like Mozart, got a go-cart plus flow smart a singer strong
    and know art and song, thirst to be great and first rate try play
    hop scotch and be top-notch at rap,