Black Poetry : Not finished could someone add an ending and a title


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Mar 19, 2001
the gift she bore was something
you'd see in a display case with
the word "Priceless" across the front
never to be bought never to be sold
just given to the right one the write
man who could hold the planets for
her when she needed the break cause she
is the queen of the universe spinning
stardust into illustrious cloths and
placing them over cold regions of the
world to keep the troubled warm /
and the lonely is not so lonely for she is
happiness unquestioned / but I wondered
why God placed her here before me bearing
gifts...her extended hand exposed this
PRICELESS gift and it glowed an amethyst beat syncopated with the chimes
of the stars she wore around her neck and
smelled of chamomile simmering...intoxicating
me until I was relaxed and flowed through
her fingers like chocolate ice cream in June
...she extended her heart to me...

(c)2001 blakverb and ?
My Queen ... A Priceless Gem

I accepted ... I wanted to hold her as my prized
possession but she showed me that it didn't matter
where we were her presence is always near me ...
So she held me closely with her words ... with the
movement of her lips ... I did accept ... I accepted not change the power that she had within ... It was then I learned the value of my PRICELESS gem
she extended her heart to me...

precious and caring
bearing fruits of many blessings
as rivers of deep emotions
coursed through the valley
of many sorrows...bringing
light and warmth to all who
beheld this beautiful QUEEN
as she sat on her throne
at the center of the universe.
she extended her heart to me
but i was too intoxicated...
drunk with the essence of the
incandescent light show
emitted from a heart glowing
bright with PURETY
and all i could see was
all i wanted to see
...she extended her heart to me.

I don't have any words that could
begin to finish this Priceless Prose
that you are working on ~
a title-- well so many come to my mind;
but then again, this is your piece...
I'd rather see just what words you would
use to tie this all together - because
it's simply beautiful, simply wonderous...
an unbelievable/believable Blakverb "creation", a fitting
description for a Noble BLAK KING (you are)!!


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