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    I have visited Florida and New Jersey. One of the things that I realise about the American system as it relates to food is this.

    (a) The food they produce for their domestic market is of a DIFFERENT quality than that exported to other countries.

    (b) The products are labeled (for export only)

    When I was there I purchased some items including peanut butter and realised that the quality is way different from the type sold here in this country.
    When we see that, the question arise as to the quality of medical supplies including equipment and drugs that is exported not only to the Caribbean but to the African Continent.

    I lived for sometime in England and I vividly remember that a particular fabric which was used for women's lingerie. Research was done and the results showed that the fabric had an ingredient which caused skin cancer. I was not surprise when the news broke that the shipment of fabric was carted off to Africa.

    I am certain that many pesticides that have been banned by the Food and Drug Administration finds itself in the Caribbean and other countries whose population is mainly African

    The system of racism goes a lot deeper than we would care to admit. When the majority of white folks believe that they are a special people do we think that when they produce anything they have our interest at heart.