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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    First allow me to say to the Black Nationalist Warriors, you who share your sharp Mental Skill in interpreting the events that have confused and is now confusing the Mind of Black People, so events created by the Human Beings and is worshiped by the Afrikan Human Beings, we need not prove anything we share with the Black World as being Divinely True, just point the Black World in the direction to go in order to be able to verify by discovery, that the Divine information we share, is the same Divine Information all Black Divine Beings possess.

    The Afrikan Americans and Many Afrikans in Afrika have been Mentally conditioned to believe that if what Black Folks Share in the way of Divine Information, if such information can not be verified by White Folks or Afrikan Human Beings Mind, then such information is not True, such a dispirited Mind Behavior is what verify who is in control of Afrikans in America, and Afrikans in Afrika Mind, and it is such a Mind that does not have the best interest for the Greater Good to come to Afrika or the Black so call Afrikans.

    So beloved, be not deterred by the sarcasm and innuendo of disapproval and disgust coming from Mental handicap Afrikans Human Beings and may you continue to share with us that which the Human Being and their Afrikan Surrogates do not want revealed to us about them.

    The Afrikan American live in a Conscious of make believe and they get really disturbed and become perturbed with the Black Folks in America that will not play the ostrich game with them and I can imagine playing such a game and pretending that game is what is needed for Afrikan Americans to get what they refer to as getting ahead, I can imagine the Heavy Load such a game of hypocrisy bring to bear upon the psychic of those Afrikan Americans, a people that avoid anything that require for you to Think Profoundly Reasonably and Logically about about God, Universe And our Black Selves.


    Those Lies are what keep the Afrikan Americans busy, to busy to take Time Out for Divine Reflection, a process that require that you be fitted with such a quality of Mind that will allow you to Divinely Communicate with our DNA, A Divine Chemical Substance that does not Lie to you when you call upon that action to reveal to you the Divine Truth about whatever you approach that Divine Reality with, when seeking the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and our Internal Black Self, a state of Divine conscious that will not be manipulated when responding to our inquiry about anything we desire to Know.

    Beloved, what you are looking at concerning the action of Obama, that is what you have now, and is what you will have, if he should become these White Folks President in America, because you see, there are way more Black Folks floating below the level of being so call Middle Class and that is the Class a wicked Capitalist System only concern its action with, when ever the Masses of that level which make up a Society in a Capitalist System is being approached for a favor on the political level.

    You See, in a capitalist system, the Human Being interest begin only with the Lower-lower Middle class and work its interest up to the Upper-Upper Capitalist Class system, so when you hear Obama making promises, he come straight out and tell you who in the America Social Structure he is mainly concerned about, they being the Middle Class, because it is that Class in a Capitalist System that keep the Lower Class down, submerged, and they are those that are in a capitalist system that is beyond being saved from the disease of Hardship and Poverty on all level of the Being Life Action, Physical as well as Spiritual.

    The Lower Class suffer the pain of an abused and oppressed conscious, a Mind that is controlling the Black Body that does not Naturally belong there, the caliber of Mind that the Afrikan American receive orders from the Human Being with, in order to make sure that those Black so call Afrikan In America are not to be Reached, so the Afrikan American so call Leadership, end up running interference for the Black World oppressors, a practice that has been going on every since our Fall From Our Divine Conscious, the level that qualified us to be the Divine Beings that we were, before Evil Entered our House, meaning the Time of our Abode in that place of Land On This Planet We Now Refer To As Afrika.

    The Afrikan America get twisted all out of Mental shape when ever the Afrikan Americans hear of the Black Afrikan interpreting the Evil that is being portrayed upon the Lower Class of Black Afrikans, because the Afrikan Americans have been told by their oppressors not to allow the Lower Class among the Black Afrikans, hear the Divine Information coming from the rising Black Divine Beings in America, because such Divine Information ride the Wing of the Divine Truth and it serve as a Magnetic Field that will awaken the Divine Conscious that lay Dormant beneath the Profane Human Being Conscious, placed there by the Human Beings, they whose Nature is to Lie and Deceive the Black World, the only World qualified if in their Divine Conscious, to confront and conquer the Evil World of the Human Beings, without Trembling.

    No, No, Obama can not pretend his way into those white people white house, there is no strategy nor are there any Tricks Obama can perform that will get him into those white folks white House unnoticed , so what you are looking at in the way of Obama and what you are hearing coming from Obama, is just what you will get, and More deceiving than that, because Obama is not where he is in regard to this Primary Race, without the approval and consent of Lucifer, they that make claim to be the bearer of the Light. (Human Being Knowledge )

    The so call Afrikan Americans, even when you make your claim in trying to cover for Obama, in your attempt to insinuate that all that Obama is saying and doing to win the favor of all of these White Folks and those Sub-Ethnic Groups that make up America Melting Pot, when you Afrikan Americans make claim that Obama is using a tactic to cover up his True intent for wanting to go into those White People White House, you Afrikan Americans that hold such a Belief, you are verifying just how pitiful and a sad state of Conscious you have become, as you portray yourselves as Afrikan Americans gone blind, to the point that you can not See your Black Selves, meaning that you know nothing about whom you are, or shall I say, Whom you can become again.

    Anybody that goes into that White House and Sit their Behind in that Seat of World Power, you can rest assured that they have passed the Highest Code of Secrecy that Secure the Evil intent of Lucifer, which is to create a New World Dis-Order Of Evil like never before, and it will be the World that will be crying out for such a Dis- Oder, because Lucifer would have succeeded in transforming the Mind of the World to Believe as they so dictate you to Believe, but such a World Change can come about only if the Black World is held continuously into submission under the Evil of those the oppressors Human Beings have presented to the Black World to be the Leaders of Black People.

    So the Greater danger that face the Black World Directly, happen to come from within the Black World, they the Afrikan Americans claiming to be Leaders of that World, what Deceiving Liars they are, as they serve to be the Greater Danger to the Black World, as Afrika continue to be maintained by a congregation of Buffoonery of Lucifer Servants, claiming to be Leaders, Head Of False Countries in Afrika.

    You wonder why the Black World is in such disarray today, how else can we be, without Divine Leadership to Guide Us back to our First State of being, which is our Divine Self, with the Black World once again consisting of Divine Black Beings.

    The Afrikan Human Beings in Afrika and the Afrikan American, you have a saying about us Black Nationalist Divine Beings, every time you see and hear of us rebuking and identifying the Horror of Evil in the personage of the White, Arab, Jewish Human Beings, describing their attitude and behavior that they have throughout the years shown disrespect toward the Black World and now since the Afrikan in Afrika Human Beings and the Afrikan Americans can no longer identify with such Divine Directness in describing those people with a history of abusing Black People behavior, you automatically assume that we Black Nationalist are fuming with hate toward those people and you go even further by describing us as being Racist, simply because we have decided not to allow the Real Racist Elements with Black Hatred go without being pointed out to be as they really are.

    No, we do not suffer from the illness of people Hatred but we do carry the Mental Healing by describing and recognizing the the Evil Conscious of those same people whose Spirit has been verified to be that which wear the garment of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, the Implementers of Injustice with an attitude of discriminating against Black People for no other Reason than for being Black and I say, such an expression of Black Nationalist resentment against all of the evil that has been perpetrated against the Black World, verify a Good and Strong Healthy Divine Black Mind and all Black Mentality that goes contrary to that Divine Reality happen to be wearing the Mind of what the Human being refer to as being a Devil Mind.

    So, there is no forgetting and forgiving of the evil wrought against the Black World by that Trinity of Evil, not until a Debt is paid to represent Reparation by those Racist elements that has and still hold disdain for the Black Nation and the Children of the Middle Passage is back in afrika as the next established State in Afrika, having the Right to become self Govern, afforded all the strength of Sovereignty of a Nation State, No, there is no statue of Limitation that apply to conscious premeditated Evil against an entire Black Nation.

    So away with the Afrikan American America and the Afrikan in afrika folly, displaying the Mind of the Black Oppressors, a sign of a Mental Weakness that is undeserving to be given any Respect by the Divine black Beings of Today, up and coming and growing stronger everyday.

    So if Obama is to be President, let him be, with knowing that those White Folks have full knowledge with intent, of what he is to do as America President and maybe, just maybe, the wheels of Justice for Black People in America and the fight for our Liberation away from America will be of such intensity that will deliver to us our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and our need for an Exodus will begin to be taken serious when the Obama Promise of Change Balloon, fail to reach those of us Black Afrikans of the Lower Class in America, here by way of the Middle Passage, rise and defy the Lies that come from the Afrikan Americans Leaders, deceiving the needy amongst us in America about what is attainable for Black People en-mass in America, Liars that they are to Black People.
    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You.

    Oh Yes I Go, Support Obama for President Of These White America United States, because I See his Becoming President being the instrument that will lead to Black Folks Freedom away From America, not by what he will do, but by he can not Do and that is bring Change to the Lower Class of Black People in America, because a Racist capitalist System is not calibrated to allow such Divine Justice Prevail in America and if not in America, most certainly not from this Lying Deceiving Evil World, set upon the Foundation of Racism, with Black People always been its Primary Target !!!

    The Divine Truth, The Afrikan American And Afrikan In Afrika Human Being, Despise The Divine Truth, But I Love you In Spite Of Your Black Afrikan Selves.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]