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Mar 19, 2001
Title: Plug Nickels

I never meant to seem distant
sometimes the trials in life
the busyness of the mind may
make this seem so, but to keep
you close (the way you should be
held) I must subtract delete
detract myriad things and rebuild
my being and reboot my mind
to fully appreciate what is in
my view / I don't want to
appear to be some "run of the mill"
negro not knowing how to satiate
your soul or deflect your fears
with reflections of united connections
of two / My silence is not meant to
confuse cause contempt or purchase your
feelings with plug nickels / It is based it
thought in which each one is a step towards
you /

(c)2001 blakverb off da top thinking

CLARITY comes in two forms...choose one.

Life is perplexing enuf without
the confusion created by muddled thinking!

*Cleanse your consciousness by removing
distractions and get clear about what
you want...then identify the best way to get it.
Keep your vision in your mind's eye.

*Openly & honestly communicate. The clearer
you are eliminates any guesswork, saves energy
and "guarantees" that you will be


>We only see others as clearly as we see
>Rid your mind of delusions and illusions.

With that dear friend, from my heart
I will say to you that from
your poem -
I once was blind, but now I see -
and it's CRYSTAL!!

Stay Regular :)


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