Chief Elder Osiris : Not Black Like Me Makes A Difference

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    Not Black Like Me Makes A Difference

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know beloved, when I see Black Afrikans in an effort to justify not Blaming those people who are responsible for suppressing, persecuting, and oppressing Black Afrikan People, I see the Black Afrikans who have been the most effected by the behavior used by those oppressors, they who are the cause for the present physical and Mental condition that serve as a detriment against Black Afrikan People.

    It is not a common practice nor is it a Natural practice for the Victim of abuse to be influenced by their attackers to end up transferring the Blame upon themselves for the way the victims of abuse behave toward each other, in a most disrespecting and abusive way, and conclude that the fault is all the Blame of the victims, for the way we now live and express ourselves belligerently and disrespectfully toward each other today.

    It is that very Mental sick Black Afrikans who attempt to justify condemning the Black Afrikan disrespectful behavior shown toward each other by making comparison with the way other ethnics who have suffered from repression, persecution and oppression, coming from the hands of the oppressors, they who are of the similar ethnic as the people having suffered abuse by those similar looking people doing the abusing.

    Take for instance how the Black Mental disturbed Black Afrikan that is parading around acting to be so intelligent, as they give their opinion as to the reason why Black people are not justified Blaming the people who have been physical and mental abusive against Black Afrikan People.

    Those sick Black Afrikans, they make comparison of their disgust with the way Black Afrikans are revealing our Mental illness, because of the way Black People treat each other and abuse the semblance of power we have been allow to use, and we use that power against our very own, so the way Black People use such power against Black Afrikan people in an abusive way, show the depth of our mental illness, which has yet to be treated up until now.

    It is now that the Divine Truth has come, revealing all that has been used to fan the ignorant flame into the Mind of Black people, not anymore, because the Divine Truth has come, cutting as a two edge sword all of the lying and deceiving statements and teaching that is coming from the oppressors and the oppressors surrogates, they being Black Afrikans, displaying an ignorance of intelligence, telling Black People to blame ourselves for the problems we have learned to be to ourselves.

    It is as if to imply that the Spirit the Black Afrikans, which we display today against ourselves, is a Spirit that is common to Black Afrikan People, and if you believe that, then you are not Black Enough to make a difference to the Black Afrikans way of behaving today.

    Those Black Afrikans parading around to be so educated and intelligent, they love using the Jewish People period of oppression, and the way that they have seemed to have recovered from their oppression, as an example of how we Black people should behave.

    Many of us use the Jewish people as an example of how Black Afrikans, victims of the World abusive power, should act and behave today toward the world, the world being our oppressors, claiming as if the two abuses were in fact the same, how foolish we have become about our abuse and oppression.

    Yet here you are, sick in mind, using the Jewish people to be an example for us, as you sick Afrikans tell us how we should be behaving and progressing as Black Afrikan people in Afrika, in the Diaspora, and every where else we have scattered to be, in the world today.

    You not giving consideration, that to be Black in a Racist Prejudice world is a sign of the reason we suffer so in the world and that there are some of those Afrikans among us, you who hold up the Jewish people to serve as a beacon for Black People to pattern our behavior by, claiming Black people have no one to blame but ourselves for our present living condition.

    you who make such a claim, are the Afrikans who have been mostly affected with a mental illness that serve as evidence that those type Afrikans suffer from a deep personality disorder, having a serious mental illness..

    Those Sick Black ignorant intelligent Afrikans attempt to imply that the Jewish period of abuse by their oppressors, they suffered from the same level of mental trauma as the Black Afrikans have suffered, taking not into account of all of the assistance the Jewish people received from the world and the reparation that they received from their oppressors, even to the point the world powers ending up giving to the Jewish people somebody else Land to be Land to call their own.

    The ignorant intelligent Afrikan making claim that Black people have no excuse to be blaming the oppressors for our present mental and living condition today and for the way we Black People behave toward each other, because we are all equal today, what a pity and a shame on those Black Afrikans who are not Black enough to make a difference..

    Those ignorant intelligent Afrikans who are Blaming Black People for the present condition of Afrika and the present tribal abusive behavior we now act out toward each other, not taking into the account how the apparent after effect has damaged the psychic of Black people to the point that we now have no shame, no self proud, and no self respect toward each other.

    Yes we must bear some of the blame for the way we now are behaving toward each other, but there is an under lining root cause that drive us to be as we are today and we must be willing to change the way that we now Think, which is being influenced by those very people who are responsible for messing our Mind up to be as it is today.

    So instead of Thinking about why it is that today we act out such an abusive behavior toward each other, we rather believe what the oppressors and their Black agents have to say in a condemning way against the Black Afrikan today, placing the blame of the Black Afrikan self abusive behavior squarely upon the the victims who suffer from Racism, prejudice, discrimination, and the receiver of injustice, and not the abusers themselves, by making claim that the Black Afrikans should have recovered the same way that the Jewish people appear to have recovered from their period of oppression.

    Any Black Afrikan who make such a comparison between the Jewish people oppression and the Black Afrikan oppression, and end up making such a claim by using the very people (Jewish People) who also took part in causing the Black Afrikan oppression and to have our our present Mental psychic we display today, they are the Black Afrikans that is not to be trusted in anything that is said by that Black Afrikan claiming Black people should not be blaming our oppressors for the way we behave today, and such a Black Afrikan serve to be an enemy to the need for recovery of the Black Afrikan People, both physically and mentally.

    Any so call Black Afrikan who stand upon their soap box condemning a mental ill people for the way that we behave, not taking into account that the Black Afrikan abusive oppression is an on going process, perpetrated by those same oppressors, making claim that we are not justified in blaming the oppressors of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    Beloved, they are Afrikans who are not Black enough to make a difference, as I am one who see the Black Afrikan problem, instead of looking at it, and believing what the oppressors have taught me about it, and now give the Black Afrikan advice how to not relate to the cause that have Afrika and the Black Afrikan in the present Mental condition that same ignorant intelligent Afrikan is complaining about, concerning the way Afrika is today and the way the Black Afrikan is behaving toward each other, as if it is exclusively the fault of the Black Mental abused Afrikan.

    What a pity and a shame of those Black Afrikans, they who can not see, yet take aggressive steps to look at what they do not know and understand, about the abused Black Afrikans who have been made to become abusive toward each other.

    This is not the Time to critique the Black Afrikan Behavior, it is Time for the Black Afrikan to fight to solve the problem that have us acting just like our oppressors, a sign that the Black Mind has been conditioned to have the Black Body Life to behave as we do today, which is not normal nor is it natural to the Divine Spirit of the Black Afrikan, we who have been made to act outside of our Divine Nature.

    The Jewish People are not Black like me, so they are a false barometer to use to measure the way that the Black Afrikans should be behaving today, because the Racist Prejudice is an on going process against the Black Afrikans and will continue to be so, until the Black Afrikans learn to see, know, and understand, the reason and cause that have the Black Afrikan Life in the present condition it is in today.

    Listen Beloved, Freedom, our Liberation, it will not come in degrees, the Black Life situation do not have the luxury of feeding Black people Divine information as if it is pablum to be fed to an infant of a mind of Black People, a child yes, but an adult Black Woman and Man, No.

    You see, when you were a child you were expected to be treated as a child, but now those who no longer are children, you carry the responsibility to protect the child and not to be treated as a child when feeding to you Divine Information that you only need to be reminded of, because such Divine information reside within the Genetic psychic of the Black Afrikans.

    So Up You Mighty Race, We Can Accomplish What We Will!!!

    The requirement is to know, being Black like enough to make a difference, will in fact make a difference to your life.

    To not be Black Like enough to make a difference, become a fact of you remaining with the life you are now experiencing, and such a life is not the life of a Divine Being, but is the life of a Human Being.

    To not be Black enough to make a difference, which cause you Black Afrikans to tell Black People that we have no justification to Blame the oppressors for what they have done and is doing to Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, such a Mental position to take by Black Afrikans, is equal to insulting our Enslaved Ancestors and disrespecting the Black Afrikan Nation, A Nation now Divided because of the action taken against the Black Afrikan Nation that is the cause for Black Afrikan people to be a Divided People and is a people with a Mental Ill problem, especially those of us Black People who are not Black enough to make a difference in Afrika, for the Black Self in America, and every where Black Folks reside on this Planet Earth.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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