Chief Elder Osiris : Not Being Able To See The Evil Of Your Ways

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    Not Being Able To See The Evil Of Your Ways

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved I share with you with a feeling of urgency, is it because my Time is at my door, or is it because of the Time we are now confronted with?

    Only Time is able to reveal the reason for such a sensation, so strive to see beloved, what you can not look at in life.

    When your mind has been religified, you can not see the evil of your ways, your belief, and or action, everything seem so right to you and that is the pure danger of religion, I say religion, because we are a victim of a country, of a evil world, whose foundation is based upon the doctrinal principles of religion.

    So to those who see, the life you see the world now living, is based upon and is govern by the religious doctrine of Lucifer, as you should know, religion come in many denominations with none holding any knowledgeable rank with the Divine Essence, the Divine God of Infinity as well as Finiteness.

    Black people have been made to not be able to see any more, and to trust in what you look at to be real in life, and when your mind has been made to operate under such restrictions, you are of no Good to your self and most certainly not to others who seek the Divine Truth about the Self Of You.

    Not being able to see the evil of your ways will have you looking at the Divine Truth and labeling it as a Lie, because in the looking mirror of your eyes, you have been made to observe only that which Lucifer has programmed your Mind to look at and to believe to be Real and True, as Lucifer create for you, your life reality, a profane reality that is based upon lies and deception about God, both Universe, and the origin of your Life.

    Evolution is a trick of a profane mind, it have you believing that from nothing come to be something, which mean that you must believe in the perceived concept of nothingness and if that is the case, then the basis for your belief about everything that you believe is flawed and belief is a flawed mental exercise, when trying to know and understand the esoteric of Being.

    Not being able to see the evil of your ways, prevents you from seeing the error in the way you have been programmed to look at the things you now consider to be Real and True, yet you do not realize that you are no longer qualified to See, because you have been made not to know with understanding your place within the Dynamic action of a Universe that is forever in Motion, having no beginning, which mean it has no ending.

    To a looking deceiving eye of a Mind, such is unable to see with comprehension the glorious inertia of the Divine Essence, that Divine Energy Intelligence within its Eternal existence, within it, reside All and Everything to have ever come to be the Universe physical, as it incubate within the Eternal Infinite Universe of the Space Darkness, it being the Garment of the Divine Essence,a Force of limitless ability, needing not to evolve anything that Its Action is capable of revealing as it come to be on the physical of its Divine Action.

    Each entity having its own action of coming forth to be and not to be, physical and nonphysical, but all being the life motion that come forth from the Divine Essence, From Being To Not Being, the former to be in the physical and the latter to be in the nonphysical, each having a life of its own, but all is connected to the Action of All And All, the Divine Essence.

    Life physical being finite, and Life nonphysical being forever in a state of Eternal existence, meaning that Motion present its Action in two phases, one being in a physical observant state and the other being in a nonphysical inert state, meaning something is always there, even when appearing not to be there, and such Mystical Esoteric Reality, is to verify there being no such of an action as nothingness.

    Therefore, to Look trying to know this Divine Reality, will be a Looking in futility, because Divine Reality lies beyond the physical and through your looking eyes you are programmed to not See what you be looking for, or at in life, that life which is meant only for the Body physical.

    So because Black People have been made to be looking people and a believer in a fantasy referred to as Religion, such is what motivate Black people to be faithful in looking at what we can not see, which prevents us from seeing the evil and error of our ways, taking such a spiritual expression to be that of the want of God, your believing religious way of life.

    So there is no wonder why Black people do not Know who we are and have not the Mind to qualify us to know What God Is, or the meaning and purpose of both Universe, nor do we have the Mind that will qualify us to know Thyself.

    Can you Understand That, Beloved?

    So to Black People, not being able to See the evil of our ways, prevent us from knowing the Divinity of our Soul, and without the Divine Knowledge of your Soul, cripple the Mind from being able to have Divine Thoughts, and it is such Thoughts that qualify you to be able to see who you Truly and Really Divinely are.

    It is with such Divine knowledge about ourselves that will prompt us to go into action to provide the very Divinity for your Life to Live, and nothing short of the Black Body Life to be able to live in Divine Harmony with the Universe will be suffice for a Divine Mind, that which is qualified to See while Looking, needing no Belief, Faith and Hope to verify the Divine Knowledge of the Divine Essence, or of both Universe, or our Divine Black Selves.

    When Black Folks are able to see the Evil Of our Ways, then and only then will we be able to know the evil of Religion, and the Divine Sacredness of Reparation, the Ark of our Salvation, for a Black Afrikan Divine Nation, because such Divine Knowledge will cause you to know, that we are Divine Beings, made to become Human Beings, which now prevents us from seeing the Evil Of our ways, and as long as we can not see, we will remain a slave believing it is the religious thing to do to our Lives.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]