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Jan 27, 2007
Atlanta and Philly
i work at Elmwood Park Zoo and Chuck E Cheese and
:qqb015:(no this is not about me, i am very happy lol but my friends said i need to stop being so mushy gushy all the time and write something that isnt a love poem for once)

dont get excited this is not a love poem

no passionate kisses no midnight blisses

no til death do us part

just two broken hearts

not a love poem

this isnt for those who have thier lovers

who make music under the covers

no this is for the others

not a love poem

not for soul mates

or first dates

but for heart breaks

and the time it takes

to realize that when you go home

your going to be alone

no staying up on the phone

not a love poem

no this is for those who

long for that special touch

they hope so much

for that first love back again

it felt like it would never end

but this is no love poem

so they lay in bed and dream

of a love they have never seen

or felt or expressed but none the less

they yearn for it..crave it need it

in order to start the heart mending

but this is no love poem

so there is no happy ending
i like it, just cuz it's real, somebody is feeling that way, and maybe this poem won't cheer them up, but at least they know that someone can relate to them,and that might make them feel a lil better, i like this. although love is nice to, when we're feeling it of course, bless sis.


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