Black Poetry : not all men are dogs

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    all I see these days are mindless black women in year 2002
    tryint to justify themselves,
    about why they do what they do
    and for their mistakes some women decide to blame you.
    she says... he made me do it
    and he never showed any love
    he slept somewhere else last night
    and l slept umm... thats the part she never told
    and the she had the nerve to ask him
    where were you last night
    with a smile and a few words he simply walks away
    but her, she argues, bickers, and demands for him to stay
    so he holds it in cause he knows he treats her right
    letting her voice her opinion, making a fool of her self
    he tries to make it work
    cause his priorities were what he wanted to get right
    then 6 months later after he decided not to leave
    she accused of cheating and with her friend
    and demands for him to explain
    so he tries so hard to tell her the truth
    which was her friend was only her friend cause she wanted to knock up her boo.
    but never did she try to listen cause maybe her man was right
    her words were strong when she told "friends are forever and for a friend my man will i sacrafice"
    so out of fustration he leaves with no words
    never to return but 5 years later she sees him at the mall
    but this time he was with his family
    featuring his wife and two kids
    and her- his exgirlfriend she still looked the same
    still lonely and bitter and for that she had herself to blame
    he's a lawyer and his wife owns her own business
    as for the exgirlfriend i will never understand
    how you let this man go
    and your self is the only one you can blame
    cause i know for a fact that not all me are dogs
    at the one i got from you

    you never know what you got until its gone
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    lend me some sugar.. l am your neighbor
    whoa now this was a heck of a ride ma...