Black Sports : Not A Tom Brady Fan


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Sep 27, 2005
Eye am not a Tom Brady fan. Never was and never will be. Yet Eye know a racist when Eye see or hear one. Nelly Fuller, Jr. has educated me very well. The fact is: whenever a non-white person makes a derogatory remark and/or makes an offensive actions against a non-black person it's racist!

And the sad part about it is that Tyrann can't even express publicly what Brady said to him, smh! Public freedom of speech is non existent for non-white people who are in the public eye, w/o suffering repercussions!


A white athlete has been named the greatest quarterback of all time in a sport dominated by black athletes creating a fabricated myth/victory quota. No black athlete will ever be capable of passing Brady's record which seens to follow him where ever he goes....!



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Jun 14, 2018
Why do you follow such trashy gossip masquerading as news?
So you don't like Brady. Big deal, you can join probably 9 outta 10 of every football fan in amerika. Ya don't need to IMAGINE what Brady may have said during some trash talking on a contested battle field to not like him, thats allowed without qualification. But to be put'n words in his mouth you have no idea what they were other than through your imagination or to think Brady may not have been responding to something said to him or about him during some trash talk....................

No I'm not particularly a Brady, or a football fan for that matter, beyond a passing interest but there is news and there is gossip and then there is trash talk. You shouldn't mix them up or confuse which is which.

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