Brother AACOOLDRE : Nostradamus & Obama

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    By Andre Austin

    Dolores Cannon wrote Conversations with Nostradamus Volume 2. Cannon mainly wrote on the Anti-Christ 666 in 1990. A friend of mine gave me this book 2 years ago. I suspect some rightwing fundamentalists nuts are using this book to claim President Obama is the Anti-Christ. Allow me to shine light on the madness. Cannon states the Anti-Christ would:

    1. Win a Nobel Peace Prize, humanitarian (He got it)
    2. Advances in computers (Maybe)
    3. Advance in hydroponics gardening (Mrs Obama is a plain gardener)
    4. Feed world hunger appear as world savoir ( 1 billion on $1 dollar a day)
    5 Spiritual leader (?)
    6. Huge communications network (Not involved in conspiracy with Goggle to tap)
    7. Total respect of all religious leaders (?)
    8. Use psychic warfare (I don’t know what his CIA FBI are up to)
    9. Use money to answer peoples problems. (Only banks given money no Job programs)
    10. Computer data file on all people knowing all health aliments of people (Could Be)
    11. Starve the underground (No evidence)
    12. Controls world banking. (Banks indirectly owned by China)
    13 Economic chaos and world famine will take place (Poor will always be with us see NT)

    (See p.132-135 of Cannon book)

    This book was written far in advance of the world even knowing Obama existed. This description couldn’t fit Obama. For one he doesn’t control the economy. He borrows from China and Japan to keep our bank officials from going naked and wearing wooden barrels with suspenders over their shoulders. He mocked claims of feeding the world. His wife is a gardener of a plain and ordinary sense; she is a lawyer and isn’t advanced in horticulture.

    Not qualified as an Anti-Christ because we couldn’t answer yes to all charges above. This is all madness and psycho talk.