Black Poetry : Nostalgia/Utopia (confusion)


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Oct 18, 2009
Unable to truely confine my mind around either term

Lost in the midst of the sea as the world turns

Float aimlessly my life story in my palm

the rush of emoitions leaves me in the calm

For the moment but im a jam that common sense cant make sense of

Stuck in a labyrinth propelled by fear

Hearing thought of people telling that i can't obtain the ideal

Ever so real evident by these tears i feel

My future encounters my past and they concieve a conjoined twin

And my human form is their seed and the shell im stuck in

The irony in this matter is that I long for utopia just as much as i long for nostalgia

and my brain is conviencing me to mess around and be promiscuous

further ironic thats its being promiscuous

When we were supposed to be twin flames u decieve me and cheat on me

Lack of unity between us means there is no us

One mind, One heart, One love

However Fear cockblocks all of this leaving the script amiss

Longing for what was instead of fighting for what could be

Intervention of what is destinity the downfall of humanity

The flaw in us all and the one that could stop me


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