Black Poetry : Nostalgia, part 2


Dec 3, 2003
Journeying back in time and then being thrust back into the present, going from memories to emotions, reliving memories to crying emotions,to laughing emotions, to loving emotions, to having no emotion at all I realize my heart still yearns for you.

Knowing now that the very one I thought to be my lifetime love, my finale was not, but you are, will be, and always has been. Yet, I still wonder if you know who you are, or better yet, who I am.

You're still searchin' and lookin' and searchin' and lookin' and lovin' these traps and findin' heartbreak and disappointment while I wait for you to love to search to find me.

Seems like I always run into you in my dreams, you find me in my dreams. Our spirits are intertwined in my dreams, the love is real in my dreams. Your eyes absorb my beauty our lips exchange melodies and lyrics from the intensities of our hearts and we flow... in my dreams.

Then, I wake from another encounter with you, one of many I've had in my dreams.

Then, amidst my worship to our Creator, our King, he permits you to step out of my dreams and into my longer in my dreams.
And you touch my soul and engulf my heart with your poetic ways and it's real. But, there are still some delicacies that only time will heal, some voids that we can't fill. So, we wait for the Orchestrator of this symphony to deal with this dream turned reality.

But, for now, I just hope that your river will flow into my river and your ocean will permeate my ocean and mine to yours and all of you will flow into me and I into you and us into God and He into us to birth one flesh. I wonder... when will we become each other?


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