Black People Politics : North Korea Rare Earth Metals North Korea May Be Sitting On $6 Trillion Worth Of Rare Minerals


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Sep 12, 2009
The country's mountainous regions are thought to sit on around 200 different minerals, including,
crucially, a large number of rare earth metals. The total worth of these deposits is thought to be worth
more than $6 trillion*.

There's two clear outcomes of this, according to Petrov:

  1. North Korea may begin to resemble an oil-rich gulf state, using the huge profits from a natural
  2. resource to keep in place an inefficient and corrupt state.
  3. Kim may have to turn increasingly to other countries with greater technology, such as China, the world's leading expert in rare earth metals, and even South Korea.
Incredibly, we're already beginning to see this new North Korea in action, not just newfound
government spending, but also in its relationship with other countries. According to the WSJ,
South Korea's state-owned commodities developer recently admitted it held talks in North Korea last
year about a possible joint-rare earth venture.

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Feb 19, 2001
If they only had the technology and infrastructure to take advantage of it


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