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    I don't think so....

    The biblical text is nothing more than a poorly written and badly translated version of what and how my people lived. The lessons learned have nothing to do with Europeans and even less to do with the Jews.

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    "...This is where coincidence ends and circumstantial evidence is enough to convince any open minded jury that these patriarchs were definitely more than lowly shepherds and chieftains in some non-descript tribal region to the east and north of Egypt...."

    Humph! This explains why the mistranslation remain un-fathomable (e.g. unable to completely uncover or discover the real origin of). I remember in "The African Origin of Civilization" where Dr. Diop pointed out that Khemet's 3 major invasions touched 3 levels:

    physically -- invaders blew off noses and lips
    spiritually -- invaders changed the entire composition on THE CREATOR.
    mentally -- invaders reversed the self-esteem of the people who actually walked with THE CREATOR as GODs and GODDESSES

    ...that began the re-write process. And contrary to popular belief and contemporary thinking my people were a great people who knew who they were and walked in the LIGHT of the CREATOR.



    "Yakubher" translates to an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of the 14th or 15th Dynasty. What a great trick, re-writing our history yet changing the social position of its characters. How clever!