Law Forum : Noblesville Indiana Middle School Student Shoots Fellow Student And Teacher Before Being Apprehended

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Oct 1, 2017
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Before I present the typical scenario I just want to touch on a few disturbing thoughts that have come to mind as of late.

1. As soon our "Ever so vigilant" government proved beyond any reasonable doubt that their youth meant more then secondary tax funding for national emergencies and public health and safety epidemics when as soon as the Opioid crises reached epidemic proportions when White deaths reached the ratio of 7 Whites to 1 Black. Out came the newly designed single dose Narcan pens which historically could not be administered to any hype except by an MD, RN or L3/4 Medic, at least in the Metro NYC area. Now cops, firemen, letter carriers, bus drivers, cashiers, school janitors, guidance counselors and probably the White hypes themselves can carry them GOD forbid they only get a 2 hour crash course to be certified what took a NYC-EMS Medic months to get certified for. Fastest nationwide roll-out I've ever seen in my life too. No studies, no research, no pro or con concerns. Just rolled them pens out lickety split. CODE 3!!!!!! If only we Blacks had such care and concern with hype and crack. The Other Man still traffics this poison to our dealers then locks up our addicts. Treatment? Oh sure, like James brown said in "King Heroin" after 6 days of madness in jail, you might throw me off.

2. Now a "REAL" nationwide killing spree has reared it's ugly head dozens of times in America killing White and Black students (Mostly White killers and victims) and everybody appears dazed, confused and more so, unsure as to what direction to take to even appear to in some way care that children are dying way before their time. Chicago's weekend killing sprees are a prime example and I feel qualified to say why should we Blacks even raise an eyebrow about anything else since on many websites, forums and blogs it's actual sports book time with big money bets going on every weekend. NYC, LA and Miami-Dade County, Florida have blended law enforcement school police department/ security departments to have a somewhat successful rate of keeping their students and faculty alive during school hours, not 100% mind you but they sure have time proven records to prove something they're doing is working. On the flip-side of wacky solutions I've heard are. Arm every teacher and support staff. Arm all the students since they all know who has the guns, drugs and other contraband. Expand the TSA to protect the schools under a contract between DHS and the U.S. Dept of Education when Queen DeVos isn't selling Amway crap to the GSA. Put all the schools on barges and float them out to sea during school hours so if such a shooting were to occur the perpetrator couldn't escape. That's about as credible as just putting cameras in the schools to record the students getting killed. I guess White youth aren't as precious, useful and globally marketable as humanity thought. Couldn't be NWA mandated population control because aren't we Blacks the primary if not the only targets?

3. The NRA is just a lobbyist and active proponent of civilian weapons sales and vocations to foster weapons usage for whatever one feels like doing with their weapons in a legal and safe manner. Weapons manufacturers sell weapons and the weapons cant pick their owners, it's that simple. End user weapons retail outlets need to be more heavily regulated then they are and held much more accountable for each and every recorded sale with a minimum 3 day waiting period for revolvers, pistols, long guns, shotguns and black powder weapons too after not only an FBI arrest and conviction check but a 50 state criminal background check also which is not done in every case in a large number of states. Unfortunately mental health issues will not always appear on any applicant's background check if said individual wasn't committed to a State mental health facility. I don't believe involuntary admissions and Baker Acts to County and/or private mental health facilities is waived under HIPAA. So that's another possible loophole. Also I believe the VA is exempt from SPRINT and NCIC.

4. I believe another member posted a news-bit that said all the parents should keep their children out of school until the government gets serious and I laud that. If I had brats I'd do it in a heartbeat, no all day video games either, they'd be nose deep in books, real books too, no Kindles. Only problem is typically that is illegal without a valid and more so compelling reason that has to be be proven on a very personal level with proof of a direct credible threat involving a person of interest. This is one time every American parent would have to stand together, if not, we just might actually witness Martial Law or something very similar to it in action.

5. My take on all of this non-action? Home school.

Now the news.,_Indiana







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