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    By Andre Austin

    The flood story is a blend of Babylonian and Egyptian flood stories. The plaragist was well acquainted with the Egyptian source. The person had to have lived in Egypt and knew the conditions and dates of the rise and fall of the Nile to adopt the Bibibilcal narrative. The climatic conditions of Babylonia or Palestine couldn’t have been on the mind of the author of the flood story.

    1. The Sothis/Sirius star signified pregnancy and the bringer of water. The star was associated with Isis and nicknamed the Dogstar because when it rose/barked it gave warning that the Nile would flood for 120 days . Isis gives birth a trinity/triple and to the elements Horus as air, Osiris as earth/water fire comes up as Atum/Adam the image/likeness of light (1John 1:4 & Genesis 1:3)

    All stars/angels are in Egypt called imperishable spirits before St Paul knew (1 Corinthians 15:41-54).

    2. Nun (Nile or Noah) gives birth to 8 gods. All births take place when Nile water overflows and spills black mud on land see (Genesis 2:4-7)

    3. All souls that are saved travel in a boat/ark in heaven. The most important story of the flood is the Ark which is an Egyptian word Tebd for box-ship of an Egyptian barge. Why did the Hebrew writers conceive/envision the Ark as an Egyptian ship?

    4. Herodotus 2:13 , Plutarch and Strabo all report a good Nile flood of 15 cubits high would save Egyptians from death/starvation. Under Roman Emerorors Trajan struck a coin to attest nile height of 16 cubits, under Julian 15 Cubits. Under Pharaoh Taharka (690BC) record innudation of 21 cubits. Under Sesser’s (1715BC) records average height of Nile flood as 15 cubits coincides with Genesis 7:20 heights. Calip Suleiman recorded with nileometer 15 cubits and 2/3 in 715AD.

    5. Sirius star is invisible for 70 days. Mummification last for 70 days to be symbolic of this event. Afterwards resurrection. Three stars/kings in Orion can aligned to point to the Sirius star (Isis).

    6. An Egyptian boat of Thutmosis III has a cabin door at the left side, and two openings beneath the roof, exactly as in Noah’s Ark.

    7. A House of ancient Egypt showing the same architecture as a boat with the door at the side and opening beneath the roof. This made Jesus analogy of being saved like noah at the top of a house roof be made in Luke 17. See Genesis 6:14 having a Zohar (Hallon for Egypt skylight characteristic of Egyptian houses and temples. Fixing the door at the side of ark Genesis 6:16 is characteristic of Egyptian architecture.

    8. Genesis 6:14 Kinnzm is used for “rooms make in the ark” is wrong translation of Egyptian Keniyyu mean “Fibre-tight make the Ark” a specific Egyptian carpentry technique.

    9. The flood was a rainstorm (Babylonian) and flood (Egyptian) coming from earth like an innudation. Flood (Mabbul) relates to Egyptian HuHu and no expression in Babylon but of rainfall.


    1. Mary is the Eastern star (Sirius) and great with child with three kings (3 Orion stars/Kings) looking for her.

    2. Jesus comes to save like Noah (Luke 17)

    3. Genesis 7:1-24 reports a 15 cubit high flood (see verse 20), and 3 periods of 40 day rain 3x40=120, the same as the Nile flood season. Priest J says rain lasted 40 days priest P says 150 days but in the middle of it its 120 days of the Nile flood season. The Nile flood season started in May and ends in October making 150 days.

    4. Noah family consists of 8 survivors to repopulate. Nun/Nile gives birth to 8 gods to populated the earth.

    5. Jesus is mummified for 40 days before ascent to heaven. 30 days eliminated to shed the total of 70 days in Egypt.

    6. Jesus can be used interchangeably or morphed into different names, places and times because he’s symbolic metaphor. We see him as Amen (wind) in Genesis that moves the waters in Genesis to give birth to 4 elements & their opposites later known as Noah & the other 7.