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    NOAH’s Black Family

    By Andre Austin

    75% of all black marriages end in divorce because there are too many passengers on the Ship. Get your momma out of your marriage along with your mistress and the extra cigar you place in a glass tube you frequently break in case of emergencies. 50% of black pregnancies end in an abort instead of porting your precious cargo on Land. Don’t incinerate your cargo because you found out you got pregnant by somebody who just wanted to “rock your boat”. But that’s a side issue I came to briefly talk about Noah’s black family in 60 seconds.

    1. Noah a character in literature dealing with the Nile flood. Noah’s ark is crescent shape of the moon-ark the Egyptian “argha” or model of the Pharaoh’s ships. The ark of the bulrushes Moses was transported was made from papyrus plant that crocodiles abhorred the taste. By the way the first Bible is written on Egyptian papyrus. The papyrus barks were the earliest boats built in Egypt. The Egyptians taught ship building and writing to the Phoenicians also called Byblians after the renowned city of Byblos/Biblos from where we get the word Bible. Now the word Jew was a Title word to the Egyptian Thoth, the God of writing Plato and Socrates paid homage to. The Phoenicians called Thoth Tuat. Some of the Phoenician rulers were pure jet-black like Tabnit and his son Eshmunuzar 1.

    Noah’s sons all relate to Egyptian religion, land, places or things, just like a noun. As a matter of fact the word Bible is just a verb or adjective to describe

    2. Shem (Semites)was actually a title of Egyptian priests of Ra and Shem is named after an Ancient Egyptian city. No wonder Torah come from “Tua-Ra”=praise to Ra. Shmn means “eight-town” after Hermpolis (The Ogdoad) deities that emerged from the Flood just like the 8 Noah survivors.

    3. Ham, this is a no brainer based on the black soil of the Nile mud that deposits on the land and the black eyes of the Egyptian people.

    4. Japheth was named after the Egyptian Ptah, god of crafts. The Russian and Germany Jews claim descent from Ashkenaz (Genesis 10:1-3) and claim people are anti-Semetic towards them? The Phoenicians and Canaanites called Ptah “Kothar”. Now if the legendary Abraham, father of the Jews, and Jesus came from Ethiopia and not UR or Bethlehem it logically follows that Jew originate from Ethiopia just like Amos 9:7, Tacitus, Strabo and others report is sane and sound. It would be like a Catholic pope bowing down to a Black Madonna then tell you Jesus was a white man. The catholics named themselves Universe after the sun and moon called Ra, the Cat and Hathor, the moon to get a pun of Catholic. Why else have the gold/sun and silver/moon keys of Mithra? And the Pope’s hat is fishy coming from a fertility fish god Dagon/Dagan hat from where he symbolically feeds ( John 21:17) the people/church (Circe) like Peter.

    Add these four up with their opposites and you got the Black Brady bunch and eight was not enough because there was a pregnancy on the Ship making the Ennead (9) of the birth of Re you may know as Canaan. Re had many different names and it might explain why Satan cursed Canaan. Because Re known as the Cat carried a knife that was for Satan’s snakes.

    Only people who have been successfully miss-educated have no desire to know their past and they resent those who do. They want to keep on believing in those people like Lincoln who spoke with a fork tongue are just like the snaked peoples who wanted America to be called the United Snakes of America. I want to get off the snake ship because three powerful sources have laid a seed in me and now I’m pregnant. God, Red and the other will remain nameless all got me knocked up. And you know what I’m talking about nothing silly or strange. But the ship is still incomplete.