No More McDonalds??????

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    Greetings All
    I found this Article on Dr. Mercola's Site. the site has some very beneficial information regarding living a Healthy Lifestyle.

    Is it Possible! We Can Shut Down McDonald's With Our Economic Votes!

    A McDonald's restaurant in Tavistock, a town in the
    UK, is closing because it cannot compete with a local farmers' market. The restaurant, which opened in 1999, closed on December 9.

    Tavistock's farmers' market was voted the best in the region by Country Life magazine. Tavistock also won the title of Best Food Town in the South West (of England) this year.
    John Taylor, chairman of Tavistock EatWise campaign, said: "Because of the quality of our local food McDonald's has not been able to compete ... I think McDonald's really started to suffer about 18 months ago when healthy school meals were introduced. Children no longer needed to go there because they were being fed properly."

    BBC News December 6, 2006

    This is December 6, 2006

    Dr. Mercola's Comment
    On average, Americans now eat about four servings of french fries every week. I am fond of telling patients that in my opinion one french fry is worse than a cigarette. This is related to the huge amount of trans fat present in the french fries. They really do make margarine look like a health food. Additionally, the potato is rapidly converted to sugar, which causes insulin imbalances, promoting disease.

    About 90 percent of the money that Americans now spend on food goes toward buying processed food. As a result, diabetes is increasing dramatically, as are other chronic diseases.

    With these types of facts natural medicine clinicians are going to be VERY busy, as they will be the only ones with the answers to reverse the devastating consequences these choices will have on people's health.

    To start a food revolution of your own and enjoy the many benefits of organic foods, I urge you to review a links page I posted earlier this year to help you find wholesome foods in your region.

    "What is great is that those people did not set out to shut down any fast food restaurant, they chose to start eating well! The byproduct of choosing a wellness lifestyle centered around healthy nutrition was that McDonald's no longer saw that town as a viable income source. McDonald's only gives us what we want and the important understanding of all this is that we must continue to focus on creating more of what we want.

    Focusing on getting rid of fast food chains will only serve to distract us from creating abundant health and vitality. Remember all the dark in the world cannot cover up the smallest amount of light so keep your focus on burning bright, not getting rid of the dark and you will always be illuminated."