Black Poetry : no mo lye fo me


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Mar 17, 2001
i'm free
no mo lye fo me
i was lyin
in the cool spring breeze
the longer it hangs
the more i'd be excepted
into the mentality of
the str8-ter
the bet-ter
that was a sucka bet
now i know better
i'm free
no mo lye fo me
what some sustahs don't understand
is that a touch up
is just a touch
of more crack cream dreams
the first lye you tell
is worn to hell
crack cream kills freedom
it locks up the natural you
in a choke hold
and threatens to break you off
if you don't submit to it
i know
cause i was a crack head
for over 15 years
the first lye i told
i wore till
a sustah helped me see the light
now i'm feeling alright
i'm not a dread head
just a twistingsusta
i've been free
for over 3 years now
and the feeling
is so right
no mo lye fo me
i'm free
and i'm twistin in the breeze
no more lye for me
is a true statement
have freed myself from
ammonium thyogloclate
and taught self a good lesson........
what goes in must come out 1 way or the other
take my advice so you too can discover
the way to lye no more
is to except the other

that's what i did, and found freedom beyond anything i ever imagined


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