Black Poetry : NO Justice-JUST-US

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    NO JUSTICE: Just-US-in a blood stained coffin box
    By Andre Austin
    Oh Lord
    Oh Lord
    Is there no justice for a widow’s sun
    Just jaywalking with both hands in the air just having summer fun

    And I still got shot by cops in the guts
    Gunned another brother down over some bum cigarette butts

    Where’s naked granny the fuzz trying to Billy-club head-tap
    Swing Low sweet chariot with her breasts hanging down to her knee-caps
    Police violence in the black community, for this, all day I could rap
    They just target the Ghetto neighborhoods and others avoid it with an app
    Young peoples don’t know the FBI got 1,9999 traps

    They didn’t like the panthers carrying a wick, the police lit & blew the fuse
    The untamed panther didn’t act they way they wanted when people were abused

    The Panthers were created in part because of Malcolm X’s death
    Their branches expanded nationwide after King took his last breath

    If I was a revolutionary messiah it would be a secret never being told
    I just pretend to break into the mainstream fold
    I would keep my soul on ice emotionalism; keep it cold
    Or else they would kill us before we reached two years old

    Yeah they trying to get you while still in the diaper
    Before the tree grows and becomes a savior
    Why is that? Go read The Isis Papers
    You trying to be a doctor or lawyer but they direct to be a waiter

    And there are no more applications for future employment
    But there is a never ending supply of embalmment
    Too much idle time on your hands leads to soul confinement
    The double hall of justice offering Black Roses for concrete sentiment
    The Blackman branded as beast & criminal because of his organ equipment
    Its All-Mighty and Omnipotent
    Its substance contain the answers and fulfillment
    So the devil aborts and concocts a poisonous ointment
    And slices up all of Osiris private enjoyment
    Lucifer repeats the task but we heed not to the message sent

    Too much drunk violence we need to get a detox
    No justice its just us in that blood stained coffin box
    Why does the truth have to be pulled with a bull & Ox
    Violence is spreading like Cowboys infecting Indians with smallpox

    2014 is another year of the Gun
    Oh Lord
    Oh Lord
    Is there no justice for a window’s sun
    I got both hands up high up in the air obeying the lawless cops
    But my black penis is my gun and I still get the all these pops
    Got some bullets in the guts and got some in the head
    No justice, No peace where the innocent are still bleeding dead