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Jul 2, 2003

Just Ice cause it's a penal system were in.
Born into it.
Gather your efforts and a little wisdom.

Police working with Political Ice
I tried to give the situation benefit of doubt.
I worked with the illusion that things will work it's self out.
Must face the situation the realization
I always knew that I was fooling myself.

I now know you did show that you are not nice.
You are a arrogant piece of waste regard.
Given power over the populous, and your military hard.
Riot gear, batons your given, 50,000 volt tazers in fact.
You took the power, I see your sworn duty to promote community soured in that.

Life is to be loved and life is to be lived.

What you think?
They wouldn't stomping on the life that we live.

I am blistered
Got me twisted
Those black boots, laced up tight.
Thought you knew they are crushing on your God given rights.
Open up heavens.
I am calling for a lighting bolt now.
Strike corruption, mother XXXXXX's
Who are doing the wrong.
Thinking they are stronger
Than your thunder
Show the world you own.

Strike, Strike now, I am pissed and I'm hurt
Boot on my throat
Knee in my back

So much that it hurts.
Not just me, but I see across oceans blue.
Thumbing noses, crap they poising
Show them that they must respect only you.

Commandments forgotten
Things here rotten.
I beg of you.

Send down two of my three lighting bolts true.


I should have placed one of these :censored:somewhere in there

No one has your insight and wisdom
Keeping things in mind allows one to know
When it is time to strike off the opportunity
And when to know when change is possible

Keep flowing


I have always felt as you wrote
One should not have to monitor fairness
But when it's not there or is destroyed
It becomes hard to work and one can
Only hope it is not to late to recover
I know you have both eyes on the world
Thank you so much for all your support

Keep flowing


So true they are fierce writings
No Clouds, No Vail
Cover your vision

I know because you know:hearts4:
Hodee loves you too! true dat

Keep flowing​


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