Black Poetry : No doubt beauty soars Especially outdoors Boys be shy or aggressive Want pie to bless it Try not to stress it Have fun in the game But he’s untamed Hi

She get her skirt lifted a lot
And like a gift shop
Boys stand in line
With a plan to find
Her in their car
His bling was true
her panties grew wings and flew
Off, he’s the type thug
That write love
then go to the nightclub
When she came out of the kiss
Her thighs open on the backseat
This is nice
understood every inference
open sesame, baby
Her thighs open on the backseat
“Oh where am I?
She had tripped and stumble into sex
Her lips so humble and complex
She was moving her coochee around
The car CD sing and sound
Good HIP HOP from uptown
Oh a PHILLIPINE GIRL go through
A lot n VIRGINIA BEACH that’s true
His dew rag bold
And like the flag on a flagpole
It blows in the wind


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