Black People : No charges for teen after explosion at Fla. school

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    A central Florida teenager who was accused of igniting a chemical explosion on school grounds — and who became the subject of a grassroots social media campaign on her behalf — will not face criminal charges, authorities said Wednesday.
    Polk County State Attorney Jerry Hill wrote in a statement that the case against 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot has been dismissed, but that she must complete a diversion program.
    The teen was arrested April 22 and faced possible felony charges after school administrators reported she combined toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil in a bottle, and the resulting gas blew the cap off the plastic bottle, according to the police report. The explosion happened outside, before school started, and no one was injured.
    Kiera told Bartow police she was doing a science experiment, but science teachers said they had no knowledge of an experiment.
    "Based upon the facts and circumstances of the case, the lack of criminal history of the child involved, and the action taken by the Polk County School Board, the State Attorney's Office extended an offer of diversion of prosecution to the child," Hill said in the statement. "The child and her guardian signed the agreement to successfully complete the Department of Juvenile Justice Diversion Program."
    Details about the program aren't public record because Kiera is a juvenile.
    The teen's arrest launched an outcry on social media by people who thought the arrest was unfair and heavy-handed.
    Nearly 200,000 people signed an online petition protesting her arrest, and her name trended on Twitter for a few days. Several heavily trafficked websites wrote about her case, saying that she shouldn't face felony charges for a science experimen
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    Thanks to the internet where even scientists were appalled at Keira's expulsion and arrest, American just-US for blacks has been thwarted!

    White teen mixes chemicals and they blow up is praised for his curious mind.
    Black teen mixes chemicals and they blow up is arrested for being a terrorist.

    White teen is killed by a tiger he's feeding in his parents' private zoo: "he died doing what he loved."
    Black teen is killed when her plane gets engine trouble over Chicago and crashes: "she had NO business in a plane!!! Why was she allowed to fly a plane!!???"

    Yep, thank God for the internet. :news: