Black Poetry : no better than the next poem!

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    yo i cus 2 much 2 be a preacher

    not enough credits 2 be a teacher

    my rhymes aint dope enough 2 be a feature

    easily distracted by woman "yo did you peep her"

    been taught were all created in the image and likness

    so really it's not I but God who writes this (point 2 poetry)

    so 2 not love every inch of ur body is 2 say u don't love him

    and 2 think your powerless and with no purpose does this world no service

    and 2 judge someones surface, serves this world no purpose

    cuz the true purpose is to serve him through the service of his servants

    sheild our fears, shutting our ears 2 the sermon of the serpants

    people know nothing yet they still try 2 judge me

    talk **** walk stiff but inside they love me

    it's 07 time we started changin specially the music

    cuz rappers gettin brain but they really don't use it

    sayin N**ga so much u'd think the klan produced it

    we've been made so insecure we afraid 2 be unique

    so busy tryin 2 fit in cuz we fraid a bein screech

    but not I....

    i love these my big ears and nose, and i tell no lies but the **** still grows!

    i celebrate each imperfection, like it's exactly what i wanted

    u say pale skin aint in, so I ******! flaunt it!!

    a great philosopher said it best

    and im thinkin bout gettin it tatted on my chest

    "stop waiting on other people 2 verify u the ****

    if u the **** then u the ****,

    its called self esteem, the steem of your mutha ****** self ***** "

    (end quote mph beautiful)

    and no human is perfect we all stray from the path

    but we like reciets,

    soon as we break, God takes us right back

    you really think God cares bout the clothes that u buy,or the car the u drive, or how u stayed fly, stayed high, who u made cry, who u was raised by, who u payed by, that ur rhymes were so ill u even made your page die

    (shakes head) naaa he cares bout the heart u posses, and that did your best, put truth above rest, and because u was breathin u stayed blessed

    he cares that u take responsibility 4 what U do

    so stop blaming everyone else for your problems when the problem here is YOU!

    and smile ****!

    use the light from ur teeth as a beacon 4 God 2 live thru

    im not sayin u gotta be satisfied , but appriacte what he gives u

    cuz your thoughts become your words your words become what you do

    what u do becomes ur calling, so who decided ur destiny is you!

    uh oh yall got me started...

    cuz negative thoughts jus bring about more negativity

    and while fear had u holdin ur breath underwater u missed ur boat of opportunity?

    so stop runnin from ur fears change gears slow up, digested lies throw up, u in bad mood so what, that give u no right 2 be rude, grow up?

    but i curse 2 much 2 be a preacher

    with not enough credits 2 be a teacher

    rhymes aint dope enough 2 be a feature

    I jus stay true 2 myself u should give it try

    even tho im we no better than the next guy
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    So tru timmy tim. This piece was ill to def. Thanks for the sermon. I was blessed.

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    often we misjudge one self through da outter glass beyond or against
    another soul but to love and see him as one and being true to self is
    the key to betterment and life which one live.......nice joint !
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    We each have our own individuality, our own stamp, that makes us unique. No one is perfect, but someone will see that uniqueness as being perfect for them. Well posed piece.