Black Poetry : NO ARGUEMENT

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    My lyrics and affair like spirits in the air they fly and try
    Be heard word for word, like scary birds, folks don’t reply
    Their feathers are not clever got endeavors soft like chicken pot pie
    My hardcore romance is like a store in France got a chance
    For a date wanna a nice night but price ain’t right too advanced
    Survive with friction and assume a prescribed position like
    A hockey player a cocky slayer of microphones with tradition and hype
    Keep MC alert like the sleeves on a shirt stuff cover cats arms and
    discover bats when harm comes my way ready to fight understand?
    If you wear dumb perms you have to come to terms with Grease
    That’s what Olivia Newton and John done, they learned about peace
    On bad hair days, got a Chevy for rent and like heavy cement it weighs
    A lot so don’t drive it fast you may not survive with gas prices they slays
    Pockets and take away your chocolate have you broke as London Bridge
    And it’s falling down, other cats crawling around best use a condom kid
    Mean and clever and like a machine lever work when pulled have a keen
    Endeavor wearing wool because its cold in Atlanta dressed in bold cream
    Bandanna, my plan ran out now have to stand about and think of another
    One this here brother got a gun and like Bruce Willis produce the illest undercover
    Movie because I’m hard to kill be at the bar with skills when I start to think
    Silly drink a Bud for drink-ability, meet folks in groups while my quotes wink
    And swoop down with a rope and loop clowns throats and do a renowned choke
    Holt hell this ain’t no video it a rodeo on crack yall, for whack cat its hard to cope
    Like the ship of a captain writing scripts and rapping float on boats no sinking still
    Thinking about that titanic no doubt there’s panic in rhymes plus linking with mills
    That make paper
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    this was tyte man love how you whip it