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    By Andre Austin

    “In 1862 Brigadier General Rufus B. Saxton, a West Point Cavalry soldier and late-blooming abolitionist, was appointed military governor for blacks on southern plantations. Saxton pressed vigorously for the sale of land exclusively to blacks who would be allowed to buy their homesteads from the government at nominal prices and make payments in modest installments.

    But a faction within the government, led by the U.S. Treasury Department’s tax commissioner, was strongly opposed to Saxton’s plan. Behind the tax commissioner was an array of northern land speculators who conspired to control and personally profit from abandoned or tax-available land in the South. Out of nearly 200 plantations in South Carolina, more than half of them went to northern white land speculators not to landless ex-slaves” see (Dirty Little Secrets By Claud Anderson p.204) South Carolina was something different from the other states for example:

    1. In 1740 S.C. forbade slaves from raising or owning farm animals.

    2. In 1820 prohibited free blacks from entering the state of S.C.

    3. In 1835 S.C. had a curfew of blacks to be off the streets at certain hour and even had the ridiculous law of prohibiting blacks from smoking Tobacco in public because it was associated with being mature, free and equal to whites.

    4. The first scalping victims in America were Blacks. The State of South Carolina paid man hunters a bounty for the scalps, with ears attached, of runaway slaves.

    Contrary to popular belief it was Northern white racists who argued against 40 Acres and a Mule for black people. When President Johnson vetoed the Civil Rights act of 1866 to appease the South for reconciliation it killed black hopes of forty acres, a mule and $100 dollars a compromised was given to blacks called the freedmen’s bureau. What came close to the 1866 Civil Rights Act of 1866 was The Southern Homestead Act of 1866 but only about 1,000 blacks received any land that was swamps, unclear woodlands and refuse tracts in the most wretched condition. One of the radical Congressman who tried to get us the 40 acres & a mule was Thaddeus Stevens who died in 1868 and was buried in a black cemetery. A stone above his grave site bears these words:

    I repose in this quiet and secluded spot,

    Not from any natural preference for solitude,

    But finding other cemeteries

    Limited by charter rules as to race,

    I have chosen this that I might illustrate in my death

    The principles which I advocated through a long life,

    Equality of Man before his Creator.

    Gen. Oliver O Howard should have never spread the rumor of the Mule & the land. After the 40 Acres & a Mule failed and receives its own cemetery plot then comes The Freedman’s Bureau which was both in name and purpose a misnomer. This program designed to help blacks was intentionally expanded and misdirected to include everybody-old ex-slaveholders, ex-Confederate soldiers and newly-arriving ethnic immigrants. The bureau’s economic, social and political health was shifted from blacks to whites. Funds were used to rebuild the Southern White caste system, which locked ex-slaves into share cropping peonage. The Freedman’s Bureau served and protected everybody except newly freed Black men and women. Thaddeus Stevens had stated: “if we do not furnish the freed people with homesteads, and hedge them about with protective laws; if we leave them to the legislation of their late masters, we had better have left them in bondage”. The closest precedent to the Freedman’s Bureau is Affirmative-Action which ones again includes everyone including ethic immigrants. This is why the Federal government refuses to list statics on black college graduates who live below the poverty level compared to white high school drop outs. Through bankruptcy laws prevent former students to have relief from student debt. The Educational system in America is a misnomer to blacks and proving to be a destabilizing factor for black families and communities. The mask is off to reveal it’s racketeering and criminal organization with senior citizens having their tax returns seized and SS checks garnished to satisfy loans interest, penalties and fees when they were going to school not to get educated but to be a debt slave. Land is the true foundation for freedom and money is a close to oxygen and blood needed for life. And we have been denied all of it.


    The U.S. Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision of 1857 is still alive and well because it’s never been reversed; as a matter of fact the 13th amendment codified it. The Court dehumanized and disenfranchised blacks. This infamous court decision is often mentioned as a major contributor to the Civil War. The decision affected the rights of all blacks, whether they are enslaved, free, or Jim Crowed. The court ruled blacks were not citizens and whites were not bound to respect laws for black people. The 14th Amendment was supposed to give blacks citizenship in 1868 but this was superseded by Black Codes, Jim Crow and enforced poverty. The KKK with the blessings of the federal government came up with the master plan: reduce Black peoples to political impotence. By stealth and murder, by economic intimidation and political assassinations, by whippings and maiming’s, cuttings and shootings, by knife, by the rope, by the whip. All made blacks subordinate in the social order of control. Even today some of the local courts within the states disrespect black plaintiffs and defendants by yelling and screaming at them , and in effect intimidating them from exercising their rights to advocate, protest and contest legal manners. We will never forget Chief Justice Roger Taney writing the majority opinion in the Dred Scott case that, “Blacks were far inferior to whites that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect and…might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for their own benefit”. So when you cross their swinging gates in their courtroom you’re on their ship called “White Supremacy” and in some “hot water”. Never forget what Dubois said about the courts: “Almost universal devise was to use the courts as a means of reenslaving the blacks” (The Souls of Black Folk).


    Black Codes in effect re-enslaved blacks by forcing us into 100 years of peonage and semi-slavery. These codes were designed to place blacks as near to slavery as possible. Black Codes substituted Sharecropping for slavery Blacks couldn’t own guns and were under the mercy of the police who were the new Paddyrolers in slavery now called patrol officers. Convict-lease system inflicted on those homeless vagrants, petty thieves and those in debt. Any former convict coming out of prison in 2015 can basically be Jim Crowed like we were in 1915 being excluded from housing, education, Jobs and voting in politics. Now those with bad credit can be Jim Crowed in housing, Jobs and other matters. This is an evil grasping hand. Blacks who accumulate wealth in their property is taking over by declaring their houses a blight which is very subjective. This is nothing more than racketeering peoples and communities out of their property by a criminal enterprise claiming to be elected by and for the people.


    186,000 black combat troops served in the Union army with 29,000 in the US Navy this made up about 10% of the Union Army. We had 37,000 black soldiers were killed in the Army. 200,000 black civilians joined support units to cooks, laborers, teamsters, nurses, spies etc for the Union army. Blacks provided the balance of power that lead to the North’s victory. President Abraham Lincoln said four separate times that without the Negro it would have been impossible for the North to have won the war. Now on the flip side of the Confederacy and the blacks who served in it.

    Why did Southern black men offer their services to the Confederacy? In some cases, local patriotism and the hope of better treatment were the motivating factors. During the war, slaves and free Negroes not only raised most of the food and fiber for the Confederate Army, but they did much of the work on rebel fortifications and entrenchments. This shouldn’t be surprising because the 1840 US census reported 6,000 free blacks were slaveholders. Many of the blacks who fought with the Confederacy to preserve black slavery were called “Mulattoes”. Basically we can classify blacks who served into Confederacy under 4 categories:

    1. Loyal blacks serving their masters

    2. Involuntary servitude of conscription into the conflict

    3. Mulattoes and blacks who owned slaves

    4. Dupes who were tricked to fight for their masters would be granted freedom if they won the war. Some were told the Yankees were going to sell them to Cuba to pay for the expenses of the war. The last lie was a half-truth because Lincoln did have Congress in 1862 to vote on $600,000 dollars as a first installment to ship blacks to Haiti from which Frederick Douglass initially agrees with. Later in 1889 he’s appointed consul general to Haiti.

    Some ignorant people think white people set them free being unaware that blacks helped break off their own shackles by taking up a bayonet and musket.