Chief Elder Osiris : Nile River Woman, By Kola Boof

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    In broad daylight, I am expected to see nothing.

    I am a girl; low and dark, as the creases of shadow
    from which I SWAM.

    I have the hair like the Arab woman ( whose hair is like
    silk and smell like snot )- and when the white woman
    comes to my face ( ME / the Black Man's Mother ) -
    I thinkof the penis.

    The men want us to hate one another. I make them feel have the white ( day ) and the Black ( night )
    denying the flow songs

    every little bit hurts God.

    In Africa- we have no cold ocean / we accept that you
    made us from fire.

    We sing to the lioness, and pray for when the hate will
    go away, in broad daylight ( from where it come )

    My dearly beloved you have just read an excerpt from that
    most controversial sister, yet dynamic in her action, my
    dear sister Kola Boof, she has just released on the market,
    her New Book of Poems, Title: " Nile River Woman", now
    available at Amazon Book Store.

    Kola is in the process of releasing on March 9th, a Book of
    great intensity, which will explode within the Book stores in
    america as a Firebomb, the title of the book you should be
    on the look out for is, " Long Train To The Redeeming Sin"
    and on May 11th, Kola novel will be made available to you,
    Title: " Flesh And The Devil" , it will be her first Book published
    in Hard Copy, so dear beloved be on the lookout for these
    dynamic Books by Kola Boof.

    Now I know there are some of you who might have political and
    Religious differences with the sister, but when it come to the
    Literary Arts, such literature is deserving to be treated on its
    own quality and merit and not the drama of Religious Political
    philosophy,so I am urging you to check out Amazon and pick
    up a copy of Ms Kola Boof, my dear sister Book,
    "Nile River Woman", it is a Book of Prose and Poems you will
    enjoy and won't forget nor regret.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

    Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!
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    betwixt and between
    KOLA BOOF will be here tomorrow night !!!

    Tuesday, April 18th @ 9 pm ET !!!