Black Poetry : (nightshift in a) Graveyard

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    I slept with your shirt on my pillow
    Inhaling you with every jagged breath
    Michael Kors cologne
    Billy Jealousy ILLICIT body wash
    The scents that made me quiver
    That still make my body yearn and shiver.
    The scents that told me about your day,
    Spelled out your hustle and your work and your play.
    The last thing we did together
    The sweetness that marks you forever
    Mingled with your every scent
    Every day. Every ******* day.

    I sleep surrounded by you
    Reminders of you
    A crystal candle holder
    From a long ago Valentines Day
    You didn’t even have enough money
    To pay your rent
    But you bought it anyway.

    A pair of Christian Louboutins
    For no reason, just because you thought of me
    A reminder of how you came up
    Versus where you used to be.

    A pink paperclip
    That was an inside joke
    From the days when I used to smoke
    And every time we got high
    You would laugh and I would whine
    Because I could never do it well
    And I’d hold it too long and burn my nail

    Torn pieces of paper
    With my handwriting
    And your hasty scrawl
    When we had too much to say
    We never just spoke.
    We wrote it all.
    Lay naked and created
    Verse after verse
    Fusing our words
    Like we fused our bodies
    Created a world
    And excluded everybody
    Mental sex
    On every page

    I sleep surrounded by you
    Memories in hi-def
    To feel close to you
    To try to ease the ache
    The pain that I’d almost
    Rather die than bear
    The torture of losing 15 years
    And not knowing what’s next;
    I didn’t make a plan. I have no design.
    Because it never once even crossed my mind
    That anything but death could take you from me.
    I knew, like you know to breathe,
    I just knew, you would always love me
    Fifteen years. Half my lifetime.
    Not 15 days or weeks or months
    You’re not some dude
    I just met in a club
    From a child to a woman
    You’ve watched me grow
    And I’ve watched you evolve
    The only man I know
    The only man I know

    I feel like I'm in a living death
    And I sleep in a graveyard of memories
    With every jagged breath and burning tear
    Trying to accept what has to be
    Knowing you’re going to marry
    Someone who isn’t me
    I inhale you
    And try to close my eyes
    The tears won’t stop
    And this searing pain
    Swallowed a razor
    Stuck in my chest
    Ripping into me
    With every rise and fall of my breast
    The way only loss can make you feel…
    (God, please let me die. Let me die.)

    As the night goes by
    And I struggle for sleep
    In this museum of us
    Not wanting to move on
    Not even wanting to try
    Hating you for hurting me
    But hating myself more
    For loving you enough
    To want you to be free
    Be happy
    To live
    To have everything you want
    While I remember fifteen years
    And wishing for fifty more
    And needing an extra lifetime
    To move on.
    --A. Williams 9/27/10
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    welcome to poetic playground
    this was a great piece enjoyed the shifting in da night
    flow head on poet !
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