Black Poetry : Night on beach

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    Our night on the beach

    My sweet lady, I want to forever stay with you,
    but that might not work out so a single night would do.
    We would arrive at the beach around 7 or 8,
    not to early and not to late.
    The sun would be setting on our beautiful scene,
    looking in each others eyes, we would really know what love means.
    I would lead you from the car, to the spot I had picked beforehand,
    you’d be blindfolded, so I would have to lead you by your hand.
    Soon as I take the blindfold off and you see the sunset,
    the perfect mood I envisioned would be instantly set.
    I’d settle you down on the thick quilt right near the tide,
    the look on your face would reflect how you felt inside.
    We’d start the stereo and let Luther Vandross set the tone,
    and remember, this moment is all your own!
    You’d already be feeling like the princess you are,
    but it’s not over yet, not by far...
    Though I can’t really cook, I would have dinner for two,
    the sky is so black, the water so blue...
    We’d eat by candle & moonlight and talk about life,
    I might have to ask you to be my wife.
    Once we were done and the moon chased away the sun,
    that’s when things really start to get fun.
    I would lay you on your stomach and start to rub you down,
    with hands so soft and gentle, you’ll forget we’re on the ground!
    I would massage you head-to-toe till your tense muscles relax,
    then drip warm oil up and down your back.
    I would brush feather-light kisses all along your frame,
    till you couldn’t take any more or you would go insane.
    When you’re at your peak and gasping for breath,
    I would pleasure your body till you had no breath left.
    I would stop for a moment, to let you recover,
    from these mind-blowing sensations you’re feeling, that are like no other.
    I would look deep into your eyes and whisper sweet nothings in your ear,
    I would calm every storm inside you and disperse any fear.
    My touch would leave your body flushed with heat,
    as I explored every inch, from the head to the feet.
    We would be perfectly intertwined, your body and mine,
    as all your most intimate places, I would seductively find.
    Roses would bloom instantly when our sweat hit the ground,
    and you’d realize a new level of bliss had been found.
    By the time I was ready to slide into your soft, silkiness,
    there wouldn’t be much moonlight or many stars left.

    Once we’re done, we’d lay in each others arms, and stare at the sky above,
    the last few stars would admit, they’re jealous of our love.
    It shines brighter than any of them do,
    compared to our love, the north star would seem dim too.
    Well my beautiful, sweet <Juliet>,
    hopefully after reading this, you’re just a little wet.
    I’m sorry if I seem a little crude or rude,
    nothing in this poem was meant to disrespect you.
    I just wanted to give you a taste of what goes through my head,
    when I lay my lonely head down, at night on my bed.
    My days and nights are filled with thoughts of you,
    this feeling I have is getting stronger and more true.

    Derrick H.