Black Short Stories : Night Of Seductive Pleasure

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    It's 7:50 and I have to pick up my dam* kids, Keanu is probably sleep on the couch...I'm gettin tired of his sh*t...He needs to get a job and support me and our kids. What I look like supporting a GROWN A** MAN? D***, here we go...I walk into the Daycare to pick up my kids...WHAT KEANU'S A** ACTUALLY PICKED UP THE KIDS??? I walked in to the house "Hello, is anyone home?" Keanu doesn't have a car, so who picked up my kids... As I walked in to the room, I hear Ruben playing...OH hell it's my song "After the candles burn." I saw roses leading to the bed. I KNOW IT'S NOT OUR ANNIVERSARY...WHAT IS THIS FOR? I walked a little further into the room. I smelled some Strawberry Glade candles burning. WHAT IS THIS FOR? ITS NOT MY BIRTHDAY...I hear bath water running, I walk in to the bathroom and to my surprise, Keanu was standing their in just his boxers, "Baby, the kids are at your mother's for the night, so it's just me and you", the lights were off, the only light in the bedroom and bathroom was from the candles, I looked at his caramel completion that was vibrant in the dark, he normally wears his dreads down in his face, but tonight he had them pulled back...D*** HE LOOKS SO GOOD. I walked over to him and he gave me a kiss, D***, His lips were so soft, plump, and juicy. I began to rub down his cut body, S*** I neva felt like this before. I looked into his ebony eyes, the light from the candles made them look so sexy...I thought I would melt looking into his eyes. We began to kiss even more, but this time he began to take off a piece of my clothing until my naked body was revealed. He then laid me on the floor and began to kiss me from head to toe. He picked me up and placed me in the tub, HE was gone for a minute, and when he came back he a bottle of MOET "Let's pop the bubbly, baby". Keanu began to laugh because I always said that when we had champagne. HE got into the tub, he knows it like the water hot so he just had to bare for the moment. He slid me over to him and he washed me off...S*** ALL THIS FOR ME? Every part he washed he'd kiss. HE told me that he couldn't bare the hot water anymore. We were in only 15 minutes but it seemed like an eternity. He wrapped a towel around me and dried me off..."I love you, Keanu." "Baby, I know this, you show me that everyday, now it's my turn." He led me to the bed. I laid back and he laid between my legs and we kissed like we did back in our high school days. He made me feel so young when he said. "Can I hit it?" When started ****** and S*** he wore me out... When I got on top I was ridin for a good twenty minutes be he made me get up because he didn't want to nut right then..."bend ova." OH S***. He started hittin in from the back...the slapping noises made me want to cum right then and there "STOP"... I yelled "No don't stop. N*gga you betta work this tonight." We never F***ed like this...except our wedding night and our 1st anniversary...the other ones were just a hit...but this was the best sex ever. He out and walked in the bathroom...he got a towel and wiped the wetness off me...he got down on he knees and began to lick my little man in the boat (my cl*t)...I grabbed the pillows. He bit down on it and I almost went crazy. I tried to hold back my excitement but I couldn't...I nutted. He wiped his mouth and walked out. When he came back in was fast asleep...You know how that is...when a n*gga is doin his job fall asleep.
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    welcome to short stories
    welcome to the family nice story here
    wow.....welcome in
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    (909) to tha fullest

    :jawdrop: whAoO......nice stroy
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    thanks 4 the short

    hi mizeducation :wave:

    welcome 2 destee. thanks 4 sharing ur writing skilz w us. is there any more where this came from?
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    in your atmosphere...
    very nice, i enjoyed it....
    much love,

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