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Mar 21, 2001
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This is the full version and it will be up until June 16th ... enjoy ... Particularaly my night colored princesses
To get the uncencored version, write me at, and I'll forward a copy to you :)


Hello to you my princess, your beauty is stunning – quite
Hello my dark and lovely whose skin is the color of night
Hello to my enchanting negress whose skin is dark and soft like fertile soil
Whose beauty is timeless and well preserved … comeliness that’ll never spoil
Let me touch your chin, my dark chocolate colored miss
Closing the distance face to face; sealing our greeting with a kiss
With an amorous attraction that neither of us ignores
Anticipation met with realized contact – my lips pressing against yours
Let me hold you in my arms for a minute and look you up and down
Let me take you in visually from your pretty feet to your crown
Let me turn you around and see you in all of your natural guise
Let me put you on display so that you can bless my eyes
Let me feel your body and massage every nerve
Let my hands make their rounds to each and every curve
Let me breech the walls of your insecurities and lower your defenses
Let me get into your space and touch you, my night colored princess

I’m blessed to be in such company, your presence is such a delight
Your beauty, attraction and appeal are all at their height
Your smile illuminates the room with a glow, light and bright
I’m loving your skin – soft, smooth and the color of night
The color of the darkest chocolate can not compare and captivate
Every time I see your dark demure features I begin to salivate
The excitement of my inner man is already at its prime
I’m ready to take you, my dusk-colored damsel, at the drop of a dime
I restrain myself because that’s the gentleman’s thing to do
But you already know what the freak in me wants to do to the freak in you
I want to work you like a piece of paper in the hands of an origami master
The things I want to do to you flood my mind, causing my heart to beat faster
I want to be on you and in you simultaneously
I want to have you grabbing bed sheets and pillow cases blamelessly
What I want is far from the tame thoughts of white picket fences
I want to make you cum to satisfaction, my night colored princess

I touch you in the places that are precious and private
Touching your sensual controls like an experienced airplane pilot
Strumming parts of your anatomy like the strings of a violin
Simultaneously caressing your dark, silky skin
I undo an intricate bra strap … with a quiet success
Exposing celebrated nipples tipping anxious and tender breast
Temperatures already high, even further they soar
When the conquered bra strap goes with gravity, and hits the floor
Less and less is being left to the imagination with little mystery to spare
My fingers go around the insides of the rim of your underwear
My hands stroke and trace your body like a little boy tracing rectangles
Slowly, peeling your panties from your ***, sliding them down to your ankles
Fully unwrapped and unraveled, you’re a beautiful black treat
Totally unpackaged … your nakedness is complete
Exposed to my ardent passions, you stand before me, defenseless
I desire to be in you, my night colored princess

I want to be you like a peanut in its shell
I want to be in you, deep, like water in a well
I want to be in you like the slyness in a fox
I want to be in you like the space in an empty box
I want to be in you like tree roots in the dirt
I want to be in you so bad that it hurts
I want to be in you like pictures in a locket
I want to be in you like eyes in their eye sockets
I want to be in you like the tears in the eyes of those who grieve
I want to be in you like the faith of those who believe
I want to be in you like an arm in a sleeve
I want to be in you like milk in a milk shake
I want to be in you so bad; my longings cause my spirit to ache
I want to be in you – contained, like the dictionary contains verb tenses
I want to be in you and make love to you, my night colored princess

My princess demands of me that I lie back on the bed, and scoot back a bit
You straddle my pelvis and mount yourself on my stiff flesh – a perfect fit
I position my legs so that they can be a rest for your back
It is at that point you start to wind your hips, as I feel the inner parts of your knick-knack
The way you dance on me, you appear to be an ebony flame on a wick
You dances with fervor, your ***** being the fire on my ****
We have a fever, because the action is making us both so hot
As you gyrate and grind, I can feel the wonderful workings inside of your twat
I grab your hips and pulse-**** you like an expert tapping out Morse code, in stride
You rare back, bouncing rapidly and repeatedly, holding my legs as you ride –
The wave of ****-sation … working on ecstatic mode
We’re sweating chocolate as the temperature rises in our abode
We can’t stop … for to do so is an action to denounce
I’m turned on by the quaking of your body – I watch your titties bounce
For a stint; a moment in time, we’re ******* each other senseless
I’m even more aroused at the moans emanating from you, my night colored princess

We talk about how ****** up the world can be
We talk about the old times of 70’s TV shows and penny candy
We talk about people, their habits and the attributes of human beings
We talk about the tenets of human nature and the stuff beyond our seeing
We talk about our parents and the headaches we gave them as kids
We talk about the good and the bad things that we did
We talk about trifling people, and others who get on our nerves
We talk about people who get just what they deserve
While running my hands across smooth dark epidermal layers
My entire being experiences an answered prayer
For, on top of me is a dark lovely, in bold display
And I now know how the ice cream feels on a hot fudge sundae
We continue to talk as time makes its pass
I’m enjoying the smoothness of your back and the soft feel of your beautiful black ***
And the more we talk, the more I come to my senses
The more I feel blessed to be blanketed by my night colored princess

Naked dialogue is the whipped cream topping –
To our after sex happenings – doesn’t mean that we’re stopping –
Our time of intimation of sensual provocation
We’re accenting our coitus receptaculum with this intermission of conversation
Amidst the labored breathing we take this time to catch our second wind
After mutually masturbating each other that made our bodies say “we grinned”
After having your back against the mattress – pinned
After ******* like fornicators and admitting that we’ve sinned
I become the pillow on which your body rests’
I’m blanketed by your frame – your head lies on my chest
I can feel your heart beating, and you can feel mine
The thumps emanating from our chests creates a rhythm as they combine
I caress the back of the one who lies on top of me
With skin as black and as beautiful as it can be
As I feel like one who got out of the shower, after one rinses
Holding the warm body of my night colored princess

I feel you start to wind and grind, promptly resetting the mood
Your winding and grinding communicates emanate activities of the nude
The tensing of the muscles of your *** are quiet and cued
Indicating to me your readiness, my princess whose skin is darkly hued
Our lips again press together under an amorous attraction
Signaling an inter-pubic connection advocating impassioned interactions
Blood rushing from my head to my lower parts, like water down the drain of a sink
You guide my insert into your chocolate covered strawberry, again I’m in your pink
Straddling my body, your hips move with an increase in speed
Vibrantly gyrating pelvic motion causes you to sweat in beads
The facing lap dance that you’re giving me is a gift of which I am in great need
New found enthusiasm you’re ******* my body – actions from which I dare not secede
With a feminine ecstatic cry and the feel of moistness from your centerpiece
I hold you close and in cries of my own I’m moved to sweet release
And still blanketed by your hot fudge colored body we fall into restful listlessness
I hold you as we sweetly slumber, my night colored princess

Written by: K-JiO
© 2007
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