Black Entertainment : Nia long and Sommore child hood

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    Nia long and Sommore child hood

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    .www.******************** .

    Some people may have known Sommore and Nia Long are related. The relationship is based on their father but, the two females have different mothers. ******************** received a phone call from someone giving information about Sommore and Nia Long's childhood. Although the person interviewed has given facts, the story that follows may not be true. The person interviewed goes by the name of Sharanada. She refused to give her last name. Sharanada feels Ann or Sommore has been living in the shadow of Nia and wanted to explain the sister's relationship from her point of view. Well after a long interviewed, ******************** would like to share an alleged summer of Sommore and Nia.

    Sharanada : Well, I cannot remember what year it was but I recall Ann was at least 12 and Walmart being 10.

    Streetroachpics: Walmart that is a store . I am lost.

    Sharanada: I mean Nitara . I will explain later.

    Streetroachpics: Oh Ok continue on.

    Sharanda: Well like I said, it was the beginning of the summer and Nia and Sommore were at their relatives house for the summer. We all went to camp together. Nitara had on a shirt and some shorts. Ann had something similar but, she was the fly girl type. Nitara 's shirt had Iowa on the front and Walmart on the back. Everyone knew what Iowa was but Walmart was on the back of the shirt with the number 12. It looked like a team jersey or something. Everyone thought that was her name.

    Streetroachpics: Whose name

    Sharanda: Nia; people thought that was either her first or last name with the walmart on the back of the shirt. It was not until everyone turned in their camp forms that we found out her name was Nitara although Ann knew her name, at first she did not say much about her, Ann told me about her early before we all walked to camp. Nitara was her half sister and, she was from Iowa visiting the family in Trenton for the summer.

    Streetroachpics: I see, sounds like she was not too happy at first.

    Sharanda: I guess. Well, Nia through out the summer kept wearing those shirts with her name on the back. They were different colors and stuff but had different numbers with Iowa on the front and walmart on the back. Nitara was known for having a big mouth and causing drama.

    Streetroachpics: drama like what

    Sharanda: going around saying she from Brooklyn , just being loud. At frist a lot of people did not know she was Ann or Sommore sister until one day Nitara went to up at the block and got into it with Aquanetta.

    Streetroachpics: Aquan what type of name is that

    Sharanda: it may sound funny now but Big A was a 13 year old big girl and, she could fight

    Streetroachpics: so what went down.

    Sharanda: Sommore and Nitara were different. Everyone liked Sommora. She was funny but not loud although all the boys liked Nitara a lot for some reason. She still was able to find trouble. Well, Nitara went up to the store and as she was coming out she knocked Aquanette sun flower seeds out her hand. Well, Big A almost broke down and tears. Nitara was running and did not realized that she had knocked the food out Big A's hands. I was there and, I witnessed it all. She asked me who was that. I told her . It was Walmart.

    Streetroachpics: Walmart Lol ok what happened to Nia next

    Sharanda: Well we get down there and Sommore or Ann was not home but Walmart was there you know Nia. Aquanette rushed up her like Bone Crushers. Big A told Nia. Walmart you owe me some sun flower seeds and if you don't go up there and get some I will stomp you .

    Streetroachpics: wow

    Sharanda: Everytime someone call Nia Walmart she gets mad and starts to run off at the mouth. Cause in Iowa, if you call someone walmart it is a put down but hey we did not know. So as you know in the hood once people find out there is a fight. You have to put some thing on the shoulder and knock it off. This is like a hood kids ritual before the fight starts. You know like music before the big fight in boxing.

    Streetroachpic: yeah I know.

    Sharanda: someone yelled out I bet Walmart want knock your mother of her shoulder. But see, Big A already had the object ready and just then Walmart smacked it out her hand and called her fat. But

    Streetroachpics: All yeah young women don't like to be called fat

    Sharanda: yeah yeah, but some how Sommore found out about the fight and pushed her way in the middle and yelled out

    Streetroachpics: yelled out what.

    Sharanda: she yelled out “leave my little sister alone”. Everyone bust out laughing . Walmart is your siste was heard from the crowd. But Big A was scared now.

    Streetroachpics: why was she afraid cause she thought she would get jumped.

    Sharanda: no Cause Sommore was put on medication cause long time ago she hit some girl in the head with click clack balls. And the state put her medication. But to little kids this is a big deal. Everyone knew she took her second pill after 3pm. Big A kept asking what time is it what time is it somebody said it anit 3 yet you better get out of here.

    Streetroachpics: wow that story is bananas. I find it hard to believe.

    Sharanda: I know but I telling that is how things went down.

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