Black Poetry : Next Time I See You (Journey to the Platform Part II)


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Dec 10, 2007
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Next Time I See You (Journey to the Platform Part II)

You got me on this platform looking’ deep into your eyes
From the moment I first saw you I knew it wasn’t a disguise
or mask you were putting on…because you’ve always come with the truth
Our time is short now but guess what’s gonna happen the next time I see you?

The next time I see you there will be no hesitation on my part.
I’m gonna put it down in style like a beautiful work of art.
I’ll be the painter and you’ll be my canvas…blank and ready for my design.
Won’t be no frontin’ or time delays because you’ll be at the front of the line.

You always treat me like a Queen and make me feel just right
So tonight it’s all about you my love and don’t worry I won’t bite (on second thought I just might)
I’ll start with a long, hot, steamy bath to take away your stress
Only after I strip you slowly because it’s you I love to undress

Sponge you down from head to toe taking delicate care of everything in between
By the time I get done with you my love you’ll be…so fresh and so clean
I’ll help you out of the bath and towel-dry you slowly inch by inch
Looking at your wonderful nakedness I can’t help but steal a pinch

Now that you are relaxed I lead you to our cave
Lay you on your back and baptize you with warm oil...turning you into my love slave
I massage you from your broad shoulders all the way to your strong manhood
The response I get from your lovely member tells me everything is all good

I begin to stroke you slowly…up and down and round and round
The look on your face tells me you’re enjoying the moment and your moans are the sweetest sounds
Boy, I’m so tempted to climb on top and surround you with my wet love canal
But I promised you that tonight was your night so proceed we shall

The tongue is such a wonderful and blessed member of the body
Offering so many ways to force out the most sensual melody
Licking, sucking, savoring and teasing just to be mean
I have no other choice but to give him all I’ve got to show him just who is the Queen

He’s shaking and squirming in ecstasy because I’m serving him up with good taste
But I lose my cool and climb on top ‘cause I just can’t let a good one go to waste
As I ride my stallion into the night I can see the settling of the morning dew
Best believe all of this is going down the next time I see you.
Ain't no doubt i'm coming in on da next train
to a sensual love my heart gotta claim
for the same face i will show, as i plant my feet to da floor

On da platform is where i be ready to get next to thee
hot shower bubble bath in return as i swoosh wit class
bring warm deep desires to put out ya sensual fire
as we waste no time to a delightful bliss of mines

In reverse as we twist & turn give ya body all that it yearns
from da blazzin of my tongue lickin u from head to toe
cross da center deep and more as i reach da depth of ya core
then u buck twist & moan as i go deeper and strong
love is now pron to the feast of treat and melody sound
from da smackin as i round da mound

Now da true ecstasy rise as my passion start to mesmerise
wwit a hypnotic flava that our minds can savior the next time
we meet on da platform.....oooops !

Thought u was talking bout me ...........hehehehehehe!!!
this was hot tasty and full of flava
Awe man, is it my turn already?
If that''s the case all I ask is that you take it slow and steady!
Prime me and tease me as long as you like in the foreplay(ground)
Taking me into ecstasy as you spin my world round and round
I don't wanna miss one second of that blazin' tongue you got
I'll be the one in the trench coat and stilletto's 'cause that platform is gonna be HOT!!!!!

Sis. Watz: I couldn't just let it end at the platform...just would not have been right!!! LOL Thank you for the love

treating a Queen like you right
once ain't good enough
i wish i could do it twice
do it all over in another life
lay my life on the line
pay the ultimate price

back at the black cave
i'm finding it real hard to behave
totally amazed
but ready to satisfy the cravin'

may end up with a squirm
but show some concern
you about to learn
it's on now that it's my turn


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