Haiti : NEWS: Starvation and Jim Crow racism in Haiti.. by Minister JR

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    Today, on the one month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, I went all
    over Port au Prince and saw the devastation firsthand and the occupation by
    Brazil under the guise of the U.N., and of course the U.S.A. I rode through
    Port au Prince all day and didn’t see one act of recovery going on.

    I haven’t left Port au Prince. Here it looks like the city was hit with an atomic
    bomb. All through the city you could smell dead bodies and see people going
    through the rubble lookin for scraps of metal to build a shanty-house and for
    anything that can be eaten, drunk or sold.

    I don’t see where the millions of dollars that have been raised for Haiti is
    going. Everywhere people is starving. Me and my comrades gave some of the
    most desperate some money, but the thing is that it might help them today;
    what about tomorrow?

    We been staying at a makeshift hospital run by some white so-called
    American missionaries. Today at the house I witnessed my first act of Jim
    Crow-type racism from so-called friends on this particular trip.

    Haiti is like a time machine. It’s like 1920 here in terms of the apartheid type
    of relationships that the whites have with the Blacks. The white woman of
    “God” that runs the house says that Haitians can’t come in the house from
    their shantytown in the backyard after the hospital closes, but check this
    out: Multiple dogs have free reign all over the property. So in other words,
    these dogs are more important than the Haitians – including the hungry
    babies, the old people, the wounded and maimed and regular everyday

    One of the members of our delegation was told not to feed the Haitians in
    the tent city in the backyard because they already eat once a day. The
    issue is, why do they think that they can determine who I share my food
    with? The house is full of white people who have free reign to eat as much
    as they want, and whenever they want.

    full article: http://www.sfbayview.com/2010/minister-jr-from-haiti-part-1-starvation-and-jim-crow-racism/