Black Poetry : News Flash....Internet lover strikes again


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
hearthis: News Flash !!!!
Pearky sweet plum juicy
eyez of beauty a sensual cutie
downloaded wit da booty
cascading tasting fruity

Entered da space my heart now trace
knockin me in a coma once looked upon da face
she was da bite of such case
in dem sexy silk & lace
eyez callin dreamin notes

As i awaken it wasn't a joke
she was like gun smoke
all for me as i rope a doke
her sway in my mind
she like da internet black crime

Lable law of rapture
my heart has now captured
wit deep breath i sight
hit F1 to pure delight
as she cap lock and shift
Esc to enter my backspace of love

Something about them eyez
slanted to mesmerize
wit an hypnotic twist of bliss
baby gurl i'n into tis mix
she strikes again as i envision
she was downloaded as an mission
of complete
what a lover what a treat
doc....i'm fallin again knees weak
am i in a coma or am i sleep

Net lover really sweet
got me acting as beast
she really one hot treat
i'm ready mouth wanna feast
did she know i play for keeps
once entered i boot up and sweep

it's been a news flash flood warning
she backspace into my ctrl
and i stroll locked her in my livingroom
and promise to never delete
da gift from above wit love .
:love: :kiss2: :SuN014: :kiss2: :love: :qqb005:

well versed rich..

PSA: Public Service Announcement!
So you invited me.. welcomed me through modem.
So.. as I downloaded myself into your heart,
putting less SPACE between you and I,
getting rid of your ALT,
because she was only holding my place,
since you thought you would never have me,
kisses send you into a UNDERSCORED coma..
as my lace and garter rest on your APOSTROPHE!
you know better than most that my eyes don't lie...
as they gaze at you and MONITOR your thoughts..
your heart powers up...
and the lights come on.. twinkling as they dance across my body.
I had only become 3d.. but a moment ago.
If ive committed a crime.. surely it can be forgiven,
because I don't want this to END..
so lets insert a PAGE BREAK.
and start anew,
I meant to rapture.. but didn't mean to capture..
your IP address...
save it within the depths of my MEMORY..
so that my heart will always know its way back to you!
tracing you around the world..
as we try to clone my MAC
leather and lace..
we will DUPLICATE the appearance of each other
within the being of another..
because now that the SPACE has been filled within your heart,
and you are no longer trying to HIBERNATE
because love has put you on STAND BY
as you waited from me..
your self proclaimed..
confirmed by you..
a gift from above..
that aol emailed COMPRESSED..
as you SCROLLED over my image..
and SCROLL LOCKED your eyes on me..
i wanted to PAUSE in the very moment,
as i franticly searched for my HOME key..
hit that button..
and it sent me to thee!
Riding da cloud F9
in da gleam of her eyez
backspacing deep in zone
as my mind grasp and roam
from da light of joy
let it be not of quick start
but an avenue to thy heart
upon da glaze of thy lips
da kiss had me using mega bites
as her depth hit my memory space
wit a hard drive as my mind
copy da moments of morrow
if a crime is done i'm guilty as sin
for da love we become twins
as i stroll lock into ya eyez
deeper i become mesmerize
from as flash as i copyright ya heart
da image of thee larger then myspace
so i page up / insert and enter poeticly
to feel da gift as we rise above
now the distance of afar is closer
as my memories been saved in da
P-M-F files where i keep it safely
now that my time has come
to devote and be that one
just hit num lock and stroll
as a beginning unfold
as i've been net loved
until i shall await thee return
to thy space as i tab back again & again
to capture your entry and shift print /save
da moment of beauty .

something about them eyez .


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