Ghana : Newport RI: Enslaved Africans from Ghana?

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    I find that studying HISTORY CLOSELY here in AMERICA there are passages that many of US came through the CARRIBEAN then to AMERICA which is TRUE to a GREAT EXTENT but equally TRUE is the AMOUNT of EVIDENCE that SHOWS AMERICA did get DIRECT IMPORTATION of AFRICANS from the CONTINENT.

    Rhode Island was BIG in SHIPPING MATTERS in these REGARDS.

    As you can see it was not a individual CONGOLESE AFRICAN, then a individual SENEGALESE AFRICAN, then a individual NIGERIAN AFRICAN all DUMPED to figure out themselves.

    It usually was a GROUP of CAPTURED VILLAGES from ONE AREA that made the JOURNEY with other GROUPS.

    That is why alot of REGIONAL CONTINENTAL UNIQUE CUSTOMS like BASKET WEAVING can be traced back to AFRICA was retained in AMERICA.