Black People : Newark Fratricide, We all Need to Help!!!

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    This is not some regional issue and an injury to one is an injury to all

    Friday past a
    "Stop the Violence" symposium was held at the facilty of Sister Fredrica Bey,
    and hosted by Bob Slade, Judge Bob Picket and Mtume'

    many of the local and national organizations were present , Al Sharpton, Miniser Ishmael(Kevin) Muhammed, and Ras Baracka , and The Street Doctor, and over 40 mothers of murdered children
    well atended inspite of the snow with, over 2,000 attending and all given aplications, for contact for further real action, and progress, so that the event would not become a rhetoric party.

    This was the first attempt to get divergent and previously opposing factors in the national black community to work together forget their differences and create postive and lasting solututions to the escalating fratricide going on there

    The trigger of the event,
    was a mass killing of five teenagers on December 25 of last year.

    This is not a one time thing but an ongoing process, that all have commitied to work hard towards a real and tangible solution