Black People : New Zealand's version of Black on Black Crime and Imprisonment

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    Black on Black crime is not something that is just unique to the US and neither is the disparity of the imprisonment of a particular ethnic group. I found this article to have many similarities to our situation here in the US. It is a bit of a read but nonetheless a profound and poignant brief glimpse into the life of some Maori people of New Zealand. I can't help but think of how far reaching of a negative impact white colonialism has had on so many people and nations along with the socioeconomic break downs and family dysfunctions that are so ubiquitous..Just as gang violence, drugs, alcohol, unemployment and crime are...We understand all to well what the white man has done and is doing, but what we really need to focus on is ourselves.. What we are doing to destroy and what we aren't to rebuild..Some of this article addresses those same concerns and possible solutions..
    New Zealands Imprisoned Maori People
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