Black Poetry : New York

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
I don't know
Nothing 'bout New York

All I know iz
I did some research
And I wanna go

New York
Seemz to be
The place

I mean
For radio,tv,music
And all da rest

I'll give my best
When I get to New York

Even how I dress
When it's freezing cold

Leather Jackets
Boots and the whole
9 yards

Coming fully

And connections
Up to ying yang

Will prove me

Naw, I'm just playin

All I'm saying
Is I wanna go there

So I wanna be there
And do my thing

Let my voice ring
And my poetry sing

Let my personality out
And absorb into the crowd

I know I don't know
A thing
'bout New York
But that's the place
I wanna be.

Desert Storm
when you come

to New York - you need an iron will
be confident cause the streets don't care
you need strength to put up with the pace
once you get pass that you'll be alright
i wish you all the best if you come here
let me know we can link up. i can show you around with no problems i mean if i can't get around these 5 boroughs then i'm really lost


Been through the fire and the rain
Oakland City full of pain
And it don't seem strange
The urban heat

I'm notorious
For cheating death

I pull up my strength
And ma shield

Jesus got my back
When nobody willl

Yeah if you could show me around
I'd appreciate!
Ha ha ha

I'm sure
I can beat the odds

As long as I have a friend
To depend upon!

Ha ha ha

Tanx so'ja!

Desert Storm


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